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this is fact not fiction

for the first time in years

Sarah Rebecca Doherty
20 July
i'm tired
but wiser
heavy with a sense of resentment
but i used to be so much different
i used to
have so much faith
when i started
you knew that i always meant it
i knew i could make a difference
i struggled to be heard
and then finally
one day
people started listening
and i knew it
but as soon as it began
it was ruined
a slow descent from unique
to routine
over and over
"just do it again
and this time with feeling"
the spotlight
the focus on the friends and the feelings
that made those stupid songs all worth singing
so don't you say a word
unless you're pretty sure that
you want it analyzed
so we drove
for what seemed like days
over roads
and four lane highways
we said
all we had to say
and i realized in time
that it didn't mean anything

not ever again...
not like that
"it's only a matter of time"

&this is me, being awesome&emo.

photography is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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