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[13 Dec 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

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my new lj - add me if you want ;)

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[01 Dec 2004|09:21pm]
Today was so ridiculously slow at work. It DRAGGED. it was so rainy and blah out on top of it...

Only two more days, tomorrow 10-5, Friday 9-5, and Saturday-Monday ALL MINE!!! yes! I haven't used Photoshop in like 2 weeks.. I'm getting the shakes... I'm FIENDING!! YESSM! lolol.. B said my batman jammie pants showed. Thats groovy. I read the ebay descript, they are only 30" long lmao im 5'11'' i need 34"+ BUT they are just pj's so ill survive.. I'm amped :D i love him!

I want to change this layout.. I need someone to code it, lol but im scared to ask the girl who did it for me to do it again.. lol im so picky and wanna change layouts like 24/7.. but don't have the skills to do it myself.. rawr..

LMAO i did this picture when i first got psp. i dont even think it was psp i think it was like ulead something or other.. and i felt too cool adding the smoke effect lmao.. oh me oh my. i love the color of my hair there though..i had LITERALLY a .5 megapixel webcam/digicam combo thing.. i mean my webcam now is garbage too but at least i upgraded to a 3.6 digicam. lmao MEMORIES!!!!!
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[30 Nov 2004|08:33pm]
& I talked to my love. We are clear and cool and calm and collected on the Psycho Bitch Situation. Loves it.
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i had some artificial eyelash..fun.. [30 Nov 2004|07:53pm]

...i loves me some makeup.. and all the acessories that come with the cosmetic affair.. ahhh...
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sTUPiD hOES [30 Nov 2004|06:07pm]
Psh.. so me & B have known eachother since October 18, a year ago - we met at the Wicked Wonka Tour.. We started out as JUST friends. We were BEST friends. I was by his side when he broke things off with his baby's mother, and when he let go his last girlfriend. May '04 @ the Dark Lotus show we got a lil smoochy smoochy and knew it was more than just a friends thing.. We went to the gathering together. "GOT" together.. two weeks later he got with this girl. It tore me up. but he told me nonetheless, and we weren't together at the time. We saw eachother more and more, and now we are what we are today - which is a beautiful thing me & B have..

That same girl is psycopathic. in a bad way. she is threatening him with some total bullshit. so i called her cell the other day NICELY to say please leave me out of this. now she's going insane. i wish i never called. now shes gonna lie to him about the message i left, and i know he will of course believe me over her, but she wants to now break us up so she will be happy.. she wont come between me and him, at least I won't let her change the way i feel about b. im just crossing my fingers she wont pollute his head about me.. she doesnt know me.. at all thank god lol.. im just nervous, got a bellyache.. :-(
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[18 Nov 2004|09:12am]
Shit. I gotta call a cab for work in like five minutes flat. I don't wanna go. I have to act all proper the squares are coming in to inspect the store and rip us shitty min wage workers to shreds.. yay.. lol only gotta get through today and tomorrow and then I'll be at billy's house tomorrow night.. what a relief. I love his house so much. Its an apartment that wow when i first walked in felt so AT HOME! more at home than my house! Im still not used to my new apt and i've been here a year+ ... shit.. i wanna hurry up and start driving and turn 18 so i can take out a loan and go to the Art Institute. its the Art Institute of New England , or Mass Art. Those are the only colleges I'll be happy at.. I want to learn so much more about photoshop, and I think I do pretty well for a newbie.. that would be so fresh to do photo manips and show flyers for a LIVING! it is a dime a dozen job and a very rough competition, but shit, im confident - this is just something i HAVE to do..

ugh im procrastinating.. i was supposed to call a cab 1 minute ago lol.. and i started this morning off to an awesome early start for once! god damn.. 10-6.. i just wanna quit and go work at disneyworld.. & be cinderella.. *thanks to girl interrupted polluting my carreer dreams lolol* pshhh.. okay lemme go get this day over with. i need a cigarette. later alligators!
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[17 Nov 2004|06:24pm]
work was good. went by quick.

my dad signed up for a new credit card to try and get his credit back on track and he's giving me the old one to handle on my own.. mind you it has a $400 limit lol we have bad genes. but yea he just pays to have a CC so he can regain SOME credit, not to spend with and its pretty much only for me to learn some money management, and be able to buy the shit online i want.. i have to pay it ALL at the end of the month so dont think im a spoiled brat. if i take advantage i will be quickly DENIED lolol. but it will come in handy if i ever get into an emergency situation. and its just cool all around and then my dad can trust me even more. which always helps. we always get along and we are so cool but i want to prove to him im able to handle my shit when neccessary. but shit its tempting not to go fucking insane shopping lol. i want so much shit. and i lost the og dark grey psycopathic "00" basball jersey on ebay.. i wasnt gonna spend more than a hundred it went to $130 approx.. so if you know any legit ways to get one of the OG baseball jerseys.. gimme a shout .. i dont like too much of the new hatchetgear.. im real picky..

I wanna finish buying billys xmas gifts but im scared if my dad sees the charges for them, he will be real curious why i spend so much $$ on him.. i mean he knows we're together more or less but probably wont approve of me going to work all day for pennies to spend it on my bf.. but i love giving presents! i cant help it.. im getting him the big LEGIT hatchetman charm AND a bangin chain to go with it.. and the Honeymooners DVD box set..lol dont ask he loves them! and i still need to buy for his sister and his nephew.. so we'll see.. maybe ill give him his presents secretely so i dont look like im favoring him.. lol not like his fam will get me shit, we get a long like woah but they have their own debts so i dont expect nething, but i still like to be fair.. anyway two work days till billy gets me! friday night gettin some ass like whaaaaaaaaa
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[15 Nov 2004|03:29pm]

woop property of billy
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[15 Nov 2004|02:12pm]
just a test to try that behind the cut shit.. we will see if i am victorious.. i am html/ljcoding RETARDED..

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[15 Nov 2004|01:34pm]
Psssh. i was supposed to go food shopping with my g-r-a-double m-a granny dukes today.. we have to go by cab because im a loser and don't drive yet, and probably wont until i turn 18. we got the list together and i was all amped to get out of the house (i pretty much only go out to go to work 5 days a week XD ) and so we call the cab.. 20 mins goes by.. call again.. end up waiting an hour.. so no dice. instead me and my dad will go tonight.. which is good because lately my dad and i haven't been spending as much time together so i miss it.. trust me im a HUGE ASS DADDY'S GIRL. maybe not even that, but me and my dad are BEST Friends, he's the only person ive ever been able to fallback on. he is my homie. lol i love him to pieces. his only downside is the fact he drinks a lot. he doesnt get violent or anything but just locks himself in his room with a vodka bottle.. and im like helllllooooooo we could be out having good times together.. but i understand he has a lot of shit on his plate so if i was in his shoes id probably party too. lol how geeky to say im excited about going foodshopping with my DAD. sheesh i need a life..

My schedule for this week is Tues 9-5, Wed 9-5, Thurs 10-6, Fri 9-5, then friday night or saturday i go to billy's in CT!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY i looooove him!! lols. *hopefully* i will be getting a ride.. if not i will just jump on the amtrak train early as FUCK on saturday morning. i love him to pieces. i cant wait to start driving. i will work/go to college mon-thurs or something and drive down there thurs night-sunday.. no more of this once a month bullshit. but i do stay for like 10 days at a time.. lolol im so psyched..

I can't wait to get the Mono Album.. I NEED IT. i was satisfied with Colton Grundy, i was semi-satisfied with Hell's Pit - sorry but i think the 6th joker's card should be motherfucking groundbreaking, maybe im just too old fashioned and into the old school ICP for this new psychopathic - nontheless im down.. but yea the tour was great. my best friend ever stood me up for fright fest so i have 2 useless tickets chillin on my dresser. im like heartbroken cas imma miss that whole twiztid tour.. fuckin skank hoe but ill see em again fa sho.. ANYWAY back to mono. i think he will pull through and make me cream my underage pantalones. lolol.. more later.
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[14 Nov 2004|04:26pm]
thanks to Dysanne over at http://www.absoluted.net for coding my lj layout! it means a lot!

It feels good to have this badboy up.. i need to learn the codes for myself though because im skitzo and will want to have layouts up all the time.. =)

Today was fab. Woke up, didnt do shit played with photoshop, watched the nightmare before xmas.. it was on regular tv (read: i have NO CABLE) i was psyched.. i love that movie.. ive loved it since BEFORE the hot topic mall kids did.. no offense lolol. . but i remember being in like kindergarden when it came out.. and being obsessed. i HAD TO HAVE IT. ahh coolness. that was fun.

I talked to billy for a few mins today. He worked 7-12 and was going to his son's birthday party at 2. we talked in between lol. i hate his baby's mother. she shoved me at hell's pit.. mind you she hasnt been with B for over a year.. and has a new man.. weirdly jealous.. thats creepy.. then she called the night after hells pit to ask billy if me and him were affectionate just to make her jealous.. lmao.. this is why i hate people. we all need to be indifferent, why do they start shit? why do they care? lol im more one to point and laugh.. and it works <3
Less than a week till i see Billy.. he lives in CT.. im in MA so its a lil hard but we do it. I go up like 2 weeks each month lol - my job hates me.. but its worth it.. i start driving soon then i can just live there 3 days out of the week.. im so smitten on him <3
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FETUS [15 Sep 2004|07:04pm]

I adopted a cute lil' clown fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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[15 Sep 2004|06:49pm]
Me & Billy fought last night. I was going to sleep and an hour later, around midnightish i came back online to tell him i couldnt fall asleep. Then he was like awww then got all sour n me. He accused me of doing something "else" That if i wasn't tired, i would've known after 20 minutes.. Weird.. But we got into a full blown argument about it, because fuck all of that, I don't need someone to talk to me like that - he's not MY man so .. really.. but I e-mailed him long and detailed about how he can't treat me like that anymore.. dun dun dun i need to wait for 2am to roll around. i'm dead ass tired from my work day, so i dono if i can make it.. lol but i'll be a trooper lol..

Work today flew by.. i wasn't stuck in customer service i got to work the floor, which is awesome.. no stress, and the time flies.. ;o)

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