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i really dont know whats happening. [Nov. 12th, 2006|03:25 pm]
all of a sudden, i lose 4 pounds in a week when my weight has been pretty steady for years. not only is my fecal waste the size of a quarter every time i go, i only go about 3 times a day. 75 cents worth of pink, yellowish slimey smelly feces, with a little blood every once in awhile. the blood started on thursday. the pain started last friday.. 9 days ago. the medicine wont start until after tuesday. and this monday will be my third trip to st lukes since friday.

in addition, i have 3 essays due this week. at least. 2 for tomorrow. ive gotten as far as the headings on each, and im avoiding the other as much as possible. my notes for the research project is due on friday, and so is the outline, which i havent the slightest idea how to do. on thursday, i'll be missing work since i have to go to this volunteer club thing, and its also my dads birthday. on wednesday, i have to go to newburgh to redeem my e-rewards money at borders in the mall. ill be buying fierce invalids and wild ducks, both by tom robbins. im hoping he will do good things to me this time, since his last book still life worked wonders on my mental health.

hopefully i can beg mr lee for a pardon for not doing the essay. hopefully.