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New LJ [30 May 2004?12:11pm]
Yeap time for a new LJ... So ADD IT! Some parts are gonna be Friends Only and some are gonna be open so to see the private post you have to add me.


Along with a new AIM name.. Add it and talk to me!

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[28 May 2004?4:42pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

So today wasn't a bad day. had locker clean outs and everyone got their yearbooks. Sat in Mr. Blantons classroom for what seemed like 5 hours. Got some homework finished and messed around with my English paper that might I mention half the class didn't turn it in so I'm not the only one! Advance US History we are completly done learning anything so we are watching Forest Gump. COmputer Apps I slept cuz I wasn't feeling good and Mrs. Pruett loves me so get to do whatever I want. Library Science I goofed off with Merideth signed yearbooks and took pictures of us goofing off. We planned that when we have out final for Library Science that we are gonna make an obstecle course and we asked Mr. Beasly and he said fine so yeah! lol We are such dorks. English I signed more yearbooks, played around with someone's cam on their cellphone and text messaged with like 400 thousand people including Joel which might I add texted me first! He's such a sweetie.

So yeah now I'm at home with a headache trying to decide if I wanna go out tonight or not. Joel might call me later and I might meet up with him and Robbie but I don't know. See is that happens.

To you know who you are:
Leave me alone please. I'm done with you, over you, forgotten about you untill you came along and tried to apoligze. If you don't remember yu have tried it before and it went down the drain so what makes you think it's going to be different. I want nothing to do with you and I don't even want to be friends because of the lies you hide and that you still tell. Go be with you "girl" or whatever and leave me the hell alone. I'm better off without you and I would rather be alone then with you. I realized a long time ago that I don't love you and I don't need you or anyone else like you in my life. So stay out of my life please and live your own. I don't want to hear your stupid petty little lies. Maybe this will get it through your head.

Sorry to everyone else I'm just tired of hearing from him much less typing anything out to him but I'm not a girl to just leave shit alone or delete it. I can deal with drama but I don't want his. It was over 6 months ago why the hell should I talk to his ass now.

I'm off to.... I dunno maybe I'll go visit Robbe at work <3

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[27 May 2004?10:33pm]
[ mood | frustrated with myself ]

So my english paper is gonna be turned on on Monday instead cuz well I have so much on my mind I can't concentrate. So if I misspell anything durning this post fogive me father.

So Jacki came home with me today and we went to the tanning bed then visited Joel at work and then dropped by the mall to just walk around and do nothing. That when I just started thinking about where I stand in my life and what I have made important to me in the past couple of weeks. I thought about how I have been treating people and what people I have been giving a little too much attention to. So yeah I came home, slept and ate dinner then just laye don my bed for 2 hours and thought about where I want to put myself in my life right now. I'm so caught up in friends and guys that I don't realize that I haven't spent a good amount of time with my mom lately. It really sucks because we used to spend a decent amount of time together and now it's all gone. I mean in the past couple of weeks I have spent only maybe 2 days at home and didn't go out with Jacki or meet up with people and it sucks. So one of my goals this summer is to strengthen the relationship with my mom.

Another thing I got to thinking about was the guys in my life. Examples : Lee, Joel, Robbie, and everyother guy that I mess around with. All great guys but I got to thinking about how much I bug them and I hate it. I feel like I'm being to obssesive so to solve the problem I'm backing off. I'm not gonna call them that much (well except for Lee cuz he's like my brother) text messages are gonna slow down, and I'm not gonna be the first to try to make conversation with them. They have any interest in me they will come after me. They want a challenge well it's starting now.

Also I got to thinking about what I need to do this summer and when school starts back next year if I wanna stay at South Meck. I don't know if I want to attend that high school. I haev to get a job, afer this English paper is done and turned in and finals are over the number 1 thing in my life will be getting a job to save up for gas, insurance, and hopefully saving up enough money to be homeschooled next year. yeah I'll miss out on graduation and prom but really I'm not worried about it. I want to be farther ahead in life then others my age and I feel that being homeschooled and finishing early will make me feel like I'm ahead. I'm selfish I know but I just want what I want.

One of the last things that ran through my head was the choices I have made in the past 3 years. Alot has changed. I lost a guy that i thought I loved for 2 years after he cheated on me. I'm over that completly but ti's so different now. After being in 2 serious relationships it's wierd but feels great to be single. I feel like I'm to the point now that I want to be with someone but not seriously. I want to have a boyfriend with no mention of marriage, kids, where we would be in 5 years nothing! I just want someone to go to movies with or go to partys or hang with friends. I dunno. I mean also I gained a whole new family when my mom married Jim. I have so many new relatives it's not even funny. then the whole transition from Atlanta to Charlotte is just crazy. It's wierd being in state where none of your family is after living 16 years in a state where ALL of your family is. I just know a lot has changed in the past 3 years. Some bad but most of it's good.

I'm happy I'm not in love and really believe that I wasn't ever really in love, more lust wanting to be in love. I'm happy my mom is happy with Jim but I miss my family back home at times. I haven't talked to my dad since my birthday April 18th. I miss my friends back in GA but I also think of everyone I have become friends with up here. They are nothing like my friends back home and no one will ever be like them but they are different and I think thats what makes them my friends.

I dunno i think I just needed to vent. I think I'm gonna head off to bed and get some sleep.

<33 Thanks to everyone that actully takes the time out to read this.

Feel free to IM me on AIM people... :/ StrippedxnxUncut

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[25 May 2004?7:00pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Yeah so today my horescope said that today was a lucky day and well I must say it's been a really good one.

School turned out great. Yesterday i told Robbie to wear his pink shirt today and I was thinking "Yeah like he'll listen to me" and well he did. He looked so good in it. haha. Anyways, Before lunch I texted Joel cuz I was bored and we talked for a little. I ended up having to stay after to make up a Chemistry test that well I know I failed. Jacki rode home with me, drove over to her house so she could get her bathing suite, then came ack and layed out at the pool for about 2 hours while attempting to do homework. Robbie and Joel were suppose to drop by for a minute but Robbie's mom made him come home but we might do something later tonight. Not sure though.

I have so much make up work to do and still have the English paper to write. :/ Anyways, I'm off to do who knows what with who knows who. Just a quick update of my boring life! only 5 more days of classes then 4 days of finals!


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[24 May 2004?9:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Man today had to have been a great day to start the week off with.

SchoolCollapse )

Anyways after school I came home took a quick nap, picked Jacki up, we hung out by the pool and bothered Joel by text messaging him while he was at work. Went swimming, drove her home, layed down, worked on my Early Childhood journal, still gotta do my portfolio, and yeah.

So if you haven't noticed I'm aiming more towards Joel. He looks just like Robbie not that looks matter to me but he's more talkitive, sweet, jokes around a little more. I dunno he just shows a lot more interest. I'm hoping that he'll either be able to do something tomorrow or will be wanting to do something even if it includes Robbie. So yeah... well I'm off to do some homework. Gonna try to take some pictures, get them developed and scan them.

Everyone has told me I look so tan. I see it but then I don't. I know I'm darker then I was. I have been either in the sun constantly or at the tanning bed. I really gotta get a job so I can afford to keep going to the tanning bed and still gotta get my nails filled in!

<3 I'm off now lol

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[23 May 2004?9:07pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Yeah so Robbie and Joel just left.

Like an hour ago Jacki calls me and was like "ok go outside, theres someone that wants to talk to you and you know you wanna talk to him" and I'm like WTF? shes like "Robbie and Joel are in your neighborhood" I was like ok so I walked outside and there they are. They were hear for maybe 45 mins I dunno didn't keep track of time. Robbie's shirt was just priceless haha. He had on like this orange looked like it was a little boys t-shirt that was WAY too litle for him. It was cute. We walked around the office cuz before they came over they were gonna go to the Y but it was closed. So I was like well there is a gym here so we walked over there but I didn't have the key to get in. Anyways, they are funny. Joel's a hottie just like Robbie. Joe was like "well what are you doing all this week?" i was like nothing and he goes "well you and Robbie should do something" "Well he's always busy cuz he's with you!" It was funny.

Well I need to go start on my fuckin English paper. WOO anyways yeah that made my day!


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[18 May 2004?9:15pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I'm so freakin tired. I just got back from babysitting Jacki's bro's and well now that they have gotten used to me they think they can get away with everything. So from running around chasing them and stuff even though they were good some of the time I'm just so freakin tired.

Tonight or tomorrow I'm gonna have to pull an all nighter. Research paper isn't done hell I haven't even started it. I copied half of my Advance US History packets from people so thats almost done. Haven't started my Early Childhood portfolio plus updated my Journal which is due..... tomorrow. Oh man.... I hate the end of the year.

The only highlight of my day was..... maybe reaching down Robbies pocket and grabbing a buck out of it. Woo how exciting.

I think I'm gonna go set my alarm for 2 hours and get some rest then get up and start working on some of this crap. Give me so good energy songs to download so it will keep me awake and I need some good songs to ride around in the car with.

Oh and my tanning bed minutes are running down :( I'm gonna have to start doing the Student special which is 20 days of tanning for 20 bucks. It's not bad.

I'm out.


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[16 May 2004?5:40pm]
[ mood | busy ]

This weekend has been mad crazy. I swear if Jacki was to move into my house no one would ever know. Anyways this is gonna be a long post with many pictures so..
BEWARECollapse )

I'm out gotta start on some of my projects. Sorry for the lack of details and stuff but I don't feel like typing it out and I'm tired.


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Yeap! [10 May 2004?3:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

comment to be added

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[27 Apr 2004?3:21pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Alright I need songs to download. Anything but that death metal stuff, stuff gives me a headache. So yeah.. help me out here people!


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