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WERE NOT DEAD ENOUGH TO MATTER [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Fri/Jul/2006 at 1:11pm]
i cant believe i finally realized it.
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[Sat/Jun/2006 at 7:18pm]
i cant feel like this anymore.....
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[Mon/May/2006 at 12:52am]
things feel very different to me right now. i dont think i like me anymore...im going to have to make some changes soon.

yesterday i got so high, and i just started to think. i wish that i knew what i wanted for myself. i think i do, but im always to afraid to assert myself, and go for what i want. things are going to change, im going to start turning my life around and just throw myself into what i love. im going to try to spend less time in my bed and jump into the world again. im starting to wonder... what happened to the social butterfly i used to be?
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[Sun/Apr/2006 at 2:22am]
This is Loafy:

Image hosting by Photobucket

He is my new bunnie.

He's hot


You're not!
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[Fri/Mar/2006 at 4:56am]
im FINALLY updating!

things are really, really good. family, friends, love life, everything is pretty chill. im hoping to go back to school the 10th, and then hopefully after that, start my job at petridis. doesnt it sound crazy that i actually want to go to school? i didnt think id ever see that one coming. well, nothing else to update with, but im pretty sure ill start updating more frequently.


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