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___secondchance's Journal

20 November
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she lives as she always has - by her own rules, wits, and her desires. she can tell you that life is worth living. she's a mess and so is her room. she might laugh too much for her own good. shes an obsessive doodler. she'll probably never hate you even if she says she does. she falls into walls and laughs at her own jokes. honesty always gets her attention, not particularly someone who is honest to her -- but someone who is honest with themselves that is a quality she really enjoys, admires, and loves. she knows how to laugh loud and party hard. she always stays up late and sleeps in. she takes way too many pictures, because she figures no one takes a picture of something they want to forget. she hates the mall and she's seen too many movies. she suffers from severe foot in mouth syndrome. she likes the green apples best. she's trying to learn not to take things to serious. she's a sucker for pretty eyes and a nice smile. shes not concerned with impressing a bunch of people who shell never meet. she thinks that unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love - its a waste of her time. there are too many mediocre things in life and love should not be one of them. shes not good at goodbyes. she likes to write and loves to cuddle. her family and friends mean the most. random text messages make her smile. shes loud and opinionated. shes done living in the past. all it does is break your heart. shes living for now. shes living for the future. shes living in the moment.

love is patient and kind, it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offence, nor is it resentful. love takes no pleasure in others’ sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes. love does not come to an end. there are three things that last, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love - corinthians 13: 4-8, 13