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___secondary's Journal

16 April
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my name is aimee, i'm thirteen, straight-edge, and i love music. this journal is friends only. so if you aren't one of my friends, you can comment to be added if ya so choose to. i'll only add you if i want to. so i win. but don't comment if you have a problem with taking back sunday, brand new, fall out boy, or the used. cause they're lovely. i also have an obsession with stars. and anything pink. i know, hardcore, huh? *blinks* ok now get yo ass outta here.

a static lullaby, afi, agent m, aim, allister, autopilot off, avril lavigne, baby turtles, bam margera, band shirts, bass players, being random, being weird, billy talent, blink 182, bobby alt, brand new, branden steineckert, bright colored hair, candy, care bears, cds, chains, chip skylark, chuck taylors, chucks, coffee, converse, count the stars, david desrosiers, dc flag, deja entendu, devin, digital cameras, drawing, drummers, earrings, emily strange, emo, emo boys, emo kids, evanescence, exploding dog, eyeliner, fall out boy, frappuccinos, fuck, further seems forever, glasseater, good charlotte, green day, grind, guitar players, guitars, haha, happy bunny, hehe, hello kitty, hoodies, hot topic, jack off jill, jelly bracelets, jesse lacey, juice boxes, kenny vasoli, kill hannah, laughing, level 27, linkin park, lip rings, lmao, made, melly, mest, movies, mowhawks, music, my lj friends, nighttime, not being in school, nsmb, nsync, nsyncstudio, oldies music, painting, paperclips, patrick star, penguins, photography, piercings, pink things, pixie stix, playing guitar, pop rocks, pop-punk, posers, punchline, punk, rain, rainbows, reading, road rules, rock, ruby gloom, s.t.u.n., senses fail, seventy times 7, sharp things, shiny things, shoes, shotbead necklaces, simple plan, something corporate, sour candy, spiky hair, spongebob squarepants, spring, starbucks, straight-edge, stupid commercials, sugarcult, summer, sxe, taking back sunday, the color black, the color pink, the distillers, the fairly oddparents, the o.c., the real world, the starting line, the used, timmy turner, tongue rings, tsunami bomb, vans, vin accardi, viva la bam, warped tour, wasting money, wasting time, writing, yellowcard, you, your favorite weapon, ,