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i'm completely alone at a table of friends [entries|friends|calendar]

and maybe we're just lucky
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[sat sep 10th, 2011]
For all you craft geeks:

What material is the green?
Is it felt?
(there's no hope for anyone)

[wed nov 12th, 2008]
life is funny, let me tell ya.
1 (there's no hope for anyone)

[sun nov 18th, 2007]
What the fuck are you gonna do to help these fucking kids? They're playing in a FUCKING puddle of mud, and you're just gonna sit there? 15 FUCKING CENTS, IT'S 15 FUCKNG CENTS ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? THESE KIDS NEED SOME FUCKING HELP NOW. YOU FUCKING SELFISH, NARCISSISTIC, EGOTISTICAL SON OF A- 15 FUCKING CENTS! 15- Think about it for a second, you get a fucking coin jar for $19.85 that you will NEVER send to CoinStar, 15 FUCKING CENTS you idiot. Call three friends, get a nickel each and fucking help this kid out you fucking loser, you're a FUCKING LOSER if you don't help. Enjoy your fucking shows. Merry fucking Christmas, come on kids, these guys don't give a shit about you. Goodnight, BYE! FUCK YOU, VIEWER!
(there's no hope for anyone)

[wed feb 14th, 2007]
happiness. <3
(there's no hope for anyone)

[wed aug 2nd, 2006]

good tattoo idea?
(there's no hope for anyone)

[thu feb 3rd, 2005]
i'm going to BARNES & NOBLE tomorrow, read any good books lately ?

someone told me to check out CRANk
1 (there's no hope for anyone)

[wed dec 1st, 2004]

does anybody know who he is?
1 (there's no hope for anyone)

[mon nov 29th, 2004]
for anyone who has an iPod.. do u HAVE to use iTunes?

are u allowed to upload songs already on ur comp (downloaded from limewire or kazaa) ?
1 (there's no hope for anyone)

[fri nov 26th, 2004]
who on this LJ thing is a buddhist?

i have some ?'s about it.
5 (there's no hope for anyone)

[sat nov 13th, 2004]
does anyone know the link to the community where you post pictures of hearts ? it's a community that's just all about hearts

ehh. i need the link. lol
1 (there's no hope for anyone)

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