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[07 Feb 2007|10:26pm]
the world would be a better place if people would simply...

a. mind their own business
b. stop being selfish
c. stop being conceited
d. stop being mean

the end.
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according to google... [03 Feb 2007|06:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

erin loves to be tickled
erin hates pictures
erin smells... dont u think??
erin hears news that her former client (that she got off from murder charges) murdered someone
erin sees the light
erin feels that to be a good teacher, one must be a good performer
erin sat on the baby
erin didn't know where she was, when she was, who she was
erin is the perfect combo of estrogen and a sense of humor.
erin is not followed by shadowy figures
erin was here
erin was not to grow up to be just any ordinary woman, no she was to be the most exquisite creature to walk the earth
erin will be fighting for her right... to party
erin went braless!


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photo courtesy of ms. kaley fellows [19 Oct 2006|10:07pm]
[ mood | better ]

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gosh, i miss those days.
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[29 Apr 2006|09:22am]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay, so here's the plan.
I'm going to get my 20 hours in if it kills me.

I'll get my license and drive everywhere and see all my friends.
I'll have money because I'm working at Panera.

I'm much happier lately, I've actually been trying to get out and DO things, and I'm feeling pretty optimistic.

I love life.

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[25 Apr 2006|06:18pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm a little jealous.
Lately it just seems like everyone around me is doing all sorts of exciting new things, and meeting all these new people and I'm... not.
This isn't really like an "I'm sad, feel sorry for me" entry because I've had my share of those.
I just have lately really wanted to start new things and meet new people.
I'm starting work at Panera on Sunday, and I guess that's one thing.

I don't know I guess it's just... we're getting older. People are changing. I am too, I'm not going to deny it. I just miss the old days. I miss my friends who I barely see anymore. I miss Chelsea and Grady and Kaley and Tana and Tim and Zack and all the other people that left CATA, and everyone from Godspell, and even Cam even though he's kind of scary now. I just feel like I don't make time for anyone anymore and I miss everyone, I really do.

I think taking driver's ed really reminded me of all the people I really liked at Dover High, and I remembered all the people I was friends with, and I just got to thinking and I really miss them.

I also miss everyone from PAPA camp, and I know I'll see some people tomorrow at Wicked, but not everyone. I'm really sad I'm not going to camp this year, I know I'm going to regret it, but I can't miss like 4 weeks of work in the summer, and I have to go out to California to see my dad.

In other news, I'm probably going to get my license soon, once I get my 20 hours in.
I'm seriously considering going to Europe for a month next summer.
& I'm in love!

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[10 Feb 2005|03:49pm]

Comment to be added...

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