+ draco + (___malfoy) wrote,
+ draco +

Everyone here needs a wake up call. Something big needs to shake this Merlin-forsaken school.

I've had contact with a few of Father's... "associates", and there has been a plot; a plot involving all of you lot, and me. It's time we carried out, and continued our parents' noble and most respectable work here at this school. It's time we broke the false sense of sanctuary that everyone has at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's time the Junior Death Eaters took matters into their own hands while their parents are otherwise occupied.

Not one of you can breathe a word of this to anyone in another house, or a member of the faculty. Not even Snape can know. Anyone caught breaking this, certainly will have a fate awaiting them.

Anyone interested, speak up. Any Slytherin who chooses not to join will be cast out and never spoken to again.

((OOC Note: Any Slytherin character interested, reply via comment to this post. Also, I want to set up a date and time for a first meeting, so anyone can IM me at dmalfoy1980 with when they are available.))
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