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May 20th At 9:44PM]
i purchased the coolest lacoste shirt ever today.
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its been awhile. [Wednesday
May 10th At 8:14AM]
not to quote that horrible cold song.

Hi. Im scott and I never update my live journal. It really has been too long since ive been on here. Im currently in the media center of my lovely high school. oh sweet teenage angst. I hate it here, I honostly do. Love is truely the only thing that motivates me too get up in the morning.
I've been so insanely busy lately, but I love it. Im still working on getting my license and I have totaly blown of driving school. I only have two more classes left and everytime I plan a day to go finish them I always find something better to do. Oh well. No big deal I suppose. I will drie lefally eventually. My summer jobs are starting up at the end of the month and I can't wait to get the hell out of my current thrift store hell.

Random babblings.

I saw giant drag live two nights ago and I fell in love with annie and micah. They are such an amazing duo of best friends who honostly rock my ass off. Annie is on something really good because she was insane. i had read that she was a nut case but honostly the woman is a hoot. I found myself anticipating the end of her songs (not saying they werent awesome) too hear her next RANDOM comment. It was cute. I met both of them and they signed my shoes. Annie looks like sar clare alot. I love it.

Parsons is officialy an official A GGOOOO GOOO. Im paid and I got my packet and reciept of payment in the mail and Im highly awaiting june 22, but at the same time Im leaving alot here for four.FIVE weeks. Itll be worth it. New york city and four college credits. What else could a boy want.

Ok. Im bored already. I love life, I just need to remember to relax.

thanks and good day.
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June 5th At 5:06PM]

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