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December 12th & 8:02 PM]
[ mood | sore ]

hey i sucked a while back ago with all the bad shit that happened to me because of that coward.
I got a new livejournal sharahatesyou and I think you should add it if you haven't.


May 26th & 10:49 PM]
new journal

i think i may use both honestly though.

May 21st & 4:44 AM]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I can't fall asleep considering i had what I thought was a friend sleeping over and she was on the phone or still is on the fucking phone for two hours. Woke me up at 2:17am and I'm still up. I left but I can't fucking fall asleep on the fucking couch. What bullshit its my fucking house. People are really inconsideriate. so glad i have"friends". oh i can hear her fucking now still fucking talking.

May 14th & 5:44 PM]
[ mood | crushed ]

this song has memories.

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May 2nd & 10:08 PM]
[ mood | depressed ]

how do you live when you feel so dead inside?

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December 30th & 2:48 PM]
[ mood | content ]


Have to Exploit My dog too.

real update later.

Joan Jett/Joe Strummer/Beki Bondage Colorbars [Thursday
December 22nd & 8:17 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

ColorbarsCollapse )

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November 24th & 1:03 PM]
[ mood | curious ]

neon_angels neon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angelsneon_angels

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Promote here. [Friday
August 26th & 4:16 PM]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com punx_layouts I LOVE YOU safesexislame oh mighty talented one!
promote hereCollapse )


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///Friends Only\\\ [Wednesday
August 3rd & 12:46 PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

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♥TardC0re♥Oh My Lord Of The Rings!

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