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i love amanda morris so much it hurts [entries|friends|calendar]

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[21 Oct 2006|08:04am]
This week was fairly boring. I had a math test on Wednesday and I got an 84 on it. Not too bad. Im still happy with it though cause my test average in math is still in the 90s.

Wednesday there was a highschool hockey game in town and Thursday there was one in Richmond! I took Dane and Hari to the one in town and we got super stoned. It was awesome. And in Richmond I got stoned with Knicket! It was so awesome to see him! I saw Matthew Barnes too! Hahaha, and Danny.. (I just had to say that so youd be even more jealous, seez)

I worked last night and Im at work again right now. Last night was really boring. Only 5 people came in the whole 5 hours I was working. No ones came in yet today, but we've only been open for 5 minutes, hah!

Its really rainy... I hope it clears up for tonight cause Im going to Sarah and Mandas! Im so exited! Its Sarahs birthday weekend so we're going to party up like its 1989! (yes, 89... the 80s was obviously the coolest decade) So yeah, its going to be awesome... as long as we dont get norwalk.
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[14 Oct 2006|10:29am]
Last night I went to Sarah and Mandas and we watched Titanic. Haha I love that movie!

I just realised today that I didnt write about Valdy coming and playing at my school on Tuesday or something like taht! He was amazing. Hahaha I loved him! He was so funny and he was wearing red chucks so that made him cool right there.

So Travis ditched me as a grand march partner. What an asshole. Oh well. I think Im going to see if Perry or Jeremey dont have partners yet, theyd be fun to march with haha.

I drove Pete to school yesterday! He was very happy about that. It was nice to have someone else there, it makes the drive to school les boring.

I dont know what Im doing tonight. Maybe Sarah, Manda and I will go in town and just drive around like we used to. Or maybe we'll just chill! Or I might not even see them at all! Haha! Maybe Ill finally just go get stoned and watch Blow with Hari.. you never know! Hahahahaha.
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[13 Oct 2006|03:18pm]
So I just got in to work.

The Walkathon was last Wednesday, I won a cell phone! Hahaha! We raised like 10,000 dollars so now student council has a bunch of money and we'll actually be able to do stuff now! Yay!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving. On Friday night I worked and then went home. Saturday I worked and then went to Sarah and Mandas and chilled with them and Colin for awhile and then I went home and went to a party at Kyles with Lindsay. I had a blast there. Hah. Sunday I came home and got ready and went to dinner at Annamaries with the whole famdamily and then I went in town with Sarah, Manda, and Knicket and we got super stoned thanks to Dane! :D

So yeah, this week has been pretty boring. I loved not having anything to do. Haha.
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[30 Sep 2006|08:28am]
This picture of Johnny was taken on my birthday! :D

Im at work and bored again, haha!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[29 Sep 2006|03:18pm]
Woo! Im at work right now. I work at Curves. Its pretty awesome.. hahaha. All I do is talk to the women that come in here.

So there was a dance at my school on Wednesday night. It was sooo much fun! I was dancing with everyone. Tom was doing the music so I got him to play Jump On It for me and I did my dance! I was awesome. I alsy tried to do my and Sarahs routine to Ass Like That but its kind of hard to do when youre by yourself. After the dance I drove Dane, Hari, Maranda home and Kelsey to Cleveland. But yeah, all in all it was a good night.

Yesterday, my class went to Sydney on the bus to go see the Ann Frank exhibit! I had a fucking blast! I love going on bus trips with my class! We played bus games the whole way home. It was such a bonding expierence.

So Im super excited for this weekend! Right after work tomorrow at 12 Im going up to Antigonish to stay and party with Sarah and Manda! I havent seen them in 3 weeks! Thats like an eternity! But yes, its going to be super rad!
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[24 Sep 2006|07:10pm]
Okay, so I figure that this is a good entry to come back with, haha.

This weekend I went to The Rolling Stones concert in Halifax!
I went up right after school on Friday, when I got to Halifax, I went to a movie with Jessie and her friend Dierdre. We came back and just chilled. Saturday we got up and just walked around for awhile and then we went to eat. Then we went back to Rod and Judys and chilled there for a bit and at like 3:13 we went over to the concert.

We bought our shirts and just looked around for a bit and then Sloan started playing and we ran up to get close to the stage. We actually got sort of close. Then there was a bit of a break and I was looking up towards the stage in the crowd and I saw Reid, Liam, Mike, Tyler, Annalee, Mike Butts, and Trevor. I FREAKED OUT AND YELLED REID AS LOUD AS I COULD! They told up to get up there and we tried. Then Alice Cooper started and he was amazing! I was freaking out the whole time he was on. I was so into it. He was throwing beads into the crowd and he threw a cane and he had this pimped out crutch and these huge balloons that were thrown out into the audience and then he had this snake taht he had around his shoulders! He was sooo amazing! I loved it! Then he was done and we were waiting for Kanye West. (ew) Thats when Jessie and I made our way up to Liam, Mike Reid and all them! It made me so happy that I actually chilled with people I knew for the most of it! We waited for awhile for Kanye to come on.. He took forever. I just couldnt wait for him to stop! But yeah, then after awhile he came on. All the gangstars (including Jessie, haha) had their diamonds in the sky. HAHAHAH! I didnt even know what that was until the night before the concert, Jessie told me haha. But yeah, Mike threw a water bottle and almost hit Kanye! HAH! It was so great! I laughed! haha. The only thing I liked about Kanye was when the stings he had on stage with him started playing Bittersweet Symphony! But yeah, Ive gotta admit, when Gold Digger came on, I jammed alittle. Haha. Then Kanye finally ended and I didnt have to stare at anymore of those diamonds. Haha. It was a long wait for the Stones to start. I couldnt move then either! People were like leaning on my back. I just stood. Every once in awhile Reid, Jessie, Mike and I would try and do some squats cause our legs were hurting, but we didnt have much room. After some time they took the peple who had on stage tickets up to their spots and there was this guy who had a Canada flag with a heart around the maple leaf and then the whole crowd starting singing O Canada! It was so cool to witness! Haha! I loved it! And then after what seemed like forever, they finally came on stage. OH MAN! They are so awesome live! It was insane! Mick was jumping around the whole stage! I was scard he was going to fall and break every bone in his body! They started with Paint it Black which was awesome cause thats my favorite of their songs. Then they went out into the crowd on a moving stage! I was like WOAH! Haha. They played a few songs out there and then finally came back to where I could see them! Haha Keith Richards is hilarious! And he smokes like a chimine! He didnt stop the whole time! Haha! But yeah, they had fire coming out of the stage and amazing lights and at the end they had sooo many fire works! It was the closest I had ever been to fireworks! They were right above us! It was nuts! Then it was over. We started to make our way out. We looked like 5 years olds, i was holding on to Jessies hood, Mike was holding on to mine, Liam was holding on to Mikes and Reid was holding on to Liams. We lost Reid for a minut on the way out, but he just got caught in the crowd for a minute. It was so muddy on the way out! Since we were really close to the stage we got to stang on plywood so we didnt realize how mudding the commons had gotten. Then we parted ways at the gate and we went back to Jessies and I almost died. I was so excited to sit down, haha.

So yes, that was my expierence. It was fucking amazing, and it didnt matter that it was raining the whole time or that i looked like a crack whore, it was still amazing!
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[14 Aug 2006|01:47pm]
Last Saturday I went to Annas and was pretty sweet! Hahaha. The morning after we went to McDonalds for breakfast, that was amazing. Sunday I went to the beach and then went to the green! :D

This past week was fairly uneventful. My parents went away on Friday and I got to chill with Sarah alot! I had people over on Friday night and we got drunk, it was fun haha. Manda, Jill and I were in the tub jsut sitting there talking to Sarah and eachother and then I turned on the water and we played with a rubber duck! Hahaha. I loved it. I had to babysit on Saturday night. And then, I came home and was just watching TV and stuff and Derrick called me and then I went to The Carriage House with Him, Steve Durling, Curtis, and Mr. Blandford (My old gym teacher, HAH!) So yeah.. That was uhm... interesting. Hahahaha.

Yesterday I went to the beach. It was fun. It was like the day of the poker run in Marble Mountain so there were tons of people there. I got a bunch of prizes.. one being a hot crown taht Im going to wear everywheres for the next month!

So my parents are coming home tomorrow. Oh yeah, and tomorrow morning Im going to Antigonish with Katelyn, she has an ortho appointment. So taht shoudl be pretty sweet. hahaha.
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[02 Aug 2006|01:20pm]
Today is Manda's birthday!


Shes 18 today! How cool is that?! Haha.

Sorry I havent updated in a very long time.. I just have a very boring life, haha.

Sooooo on Monday night I went in town with Katelyn and then went up to Annamaries and played cards with a bunch of old people! Haha! It was actually quite fun. Last night I went in town to get Charity from soccer and then I got something for Manda.

Tonight Im going to Sarah and Mandas for supper since its Mandas birthday. Sarah isnt going to be there though.. she has to work until 8:30. :(

Tomorrow we might be going to NG to see a movie and chill with Mike. If not, Im going to go to Antigonish early and stay with Lindsay. But if we do go, Im going to go there after we see a movie and what not in NG. It should be super rad!

So, Ive decided Im going to start using journalspace again. Only like 5 people or less read this anyway, haha. Right now Im just going to be putting the same entries in both though, just for awhile. So yeah, my journalspace is catherine.journalspace.com, pretty painless haha.
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[30 Jun 2006|06:50pm]
Soooo here are some sweet pics from the grad party.

the sweet picsCollapse )
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[29 Jun 2006|08:38pm]
On Saturday, I went to town to get Mandas gift from Anne and then I gave it to Manda! It was a Altar Boys poster! Its so hot! I cant want to give Manda the rest of her graduation gift... eventhough I already told her what it was hahaha.

So, the prom was Monday night. Let me tell you all about it.
Okay, a bit after 4 Nylan and then we went and got Nylans date, Jenna, went to eat at Alicias, and went and took pictures at a few different places then we went back to Nicks so he could take the pictures off of his camera and then we went and met Nylan and Jenna in Kempt Road and then we finally went to the school. When we got three Nick didnt have my ticket to get into the grand march! haha but he got me in. Then Jenna and I went to sit down and Jenn Anderson and Jeremy Dorton were there! It made me so happy to know other humans there haha.

So then the grand march started and it was reallly cool. They did all this dancing and whatnot. Then there were more pictures and then Nick and I went to Nylans car to start drinking and then we went to Jordans and drank there haha. Thennnn we went back to the school at like 11 and Nick went to get his clothes in Kempt Road and I went in and danced with Nylan, Jenna, Lindsay, Jenn, and Tiffany hahahaha. It was pretty sweet. After that I changed and then chilled with Matthew Barnes for a while and then I left with Jonathon for a bit haha. Then we came back and I went home around 2:30.

Last night was the grad party. I had a fucking blast! Hahaha. It was sooo much fun. I was loaded. I just wandered around by my lonesome for most of the night talking to sooo many different people. Hahahaha, Adam MacLean was my 'date.' And yeah, I was chilling with grade nines for awhile too. That was pretty sweet. Hrmm.. after awhile Katelyn, Manda and I came home with Katelyns dad and then Manda and I went online and then went to bed at like 4:30.

Woah! For once I had an eventful week! How odd!
Ugh... Tomorrow I have to go to school to get my report card. EW! Hahah. I dont want to. OH WELL! After I get that Im done grade 11 for real.
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[21 Jun 2006|03:40pm]
So I wrote my Chem exam today.. It was actually pretty good. Well, I studied all day yesterday so I knew my stuff pretty good.

After I got home I ate, and then I watched Clue. I fucking love that movie! Hahahaha. Theres this one part when Mrs. White does this little scream thing and I rewound it like 10 times and just watched it and laughed outloud like rolling around on my bed. Hahahahahahah! I am such an awesome person.

Tonight Im going to get Caleb at French camp with Annamarie, Derrick, and Charity and theeennnnnn Sarahs coming over! Yay! I havent chilled with her in forever! Im very excited! :D

So yeah, studying tomorrow and then French exam on Friday. It should be fun... :|
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[18 Jun 2006|07:03pm]
Woah. I havent updated in FOREVER!

Hahaha. So my birthday was good. I had lots of fun. Went to the fair, ate lots of cake.

The last 2 weeks of school were pretty good too.

English exam tomorrow! Chem on Wednesday and then French on Friday! This should be fun. Hahaha.

I tihnk Lindsay, Kyle and I are going to Sydney next weekend. We're going to see Nevie and meet his girlfriend and he's trying to hook me up with his friend so yeah. Hahahahahah.

So yeah, this entry was for Anne. She noticed that I hadnt updated in a very long time.. Ill try and update more now, I promise.
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[31 May 2006|10:19pm]
How freaking insane is that?!

So yeah, this week has been pretty boring thus far. I havent really done much... Except today, after school, Manda and Lindsay came over for supper and Sarah came after work. My grandmother came too. We had lasagana! Yum! So yeah, then we had very good cake and then we just chilled for a bit and then Sarah and Manda left and I drove Lindsay home. When I got home, Carol Anne and Jenn came over for a bit. I just talked to Jenn the whole time. Hahaha, it was pretty awesome. Shes moving to Sydney on Friday! And I think Im chilling with her tomorrow. (And when I say I, I mean Sarah and Manda are coming too! hahaha)

So tomorrows my birthday! Yay! The big one seven. Hahaha. We're watching Le Petit Prince in french class. And Lukes bringing cake! That should be pretty awesome. But then I have a chem test which I bare studied for.. I just cant bring myself to study tonight. OH WELL! Hahaha.

Friday we're going to the fair! YEEPS! Im super excited! I love the fair soooo much!
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[28 May 2006|08:07pm]
Kelseys party was last night.. It was pretty sweet. haha

Okay, so I got there at like 6 and we started to try and make out t-shirts... They didnt work. :( It was okay though, haha. So then Victoria and Jeremy came and we started drinking. Next thing I know theres like 40 people there and Im loaded! Hahahah. Then people were crying and I was just chilling around teh camp fire and I was plotting with Jeremy and pinky swearing and eating hot dogs and chips and sitting with Marsha and Patty on the deck for awhile and yeah! hahaha. So, around 2ish or so Kendra started crying so Kyle, Hari, Phil, Woody and I were trying comfort her and it just wasnt working.. Hahaha so then we went back and chilled around the campfire with Mary until 5! Then Phil, Hari and I slept in the back of my car. Hahahahah, I had the back seats pushed forward so that I could sleep in the trunk and on the back of the seats! it was pretty comfy, I must say. Haha.. So yeah, Ill just say it. I picked up Phil haha.

Then this morning I got up to pee and ended up staying up for a bit. Laura, Jeremey, Jack, Evan, Anne, Emily, Patty, Jamie, Robert, and Devon were all up getting their tents packed away and everything. So yeah, then some of them left, and then the rest of them did so I went back to bed. At like 10:40 I drove Hari home!

After I got home, I showered and then I went to Sarah and Mandas. We just chilled and watched The Flavor Of Love and then we went to the beach and ate food and went on the computer! It was fun! Sarah starts work tomorrow so Im not going to get to see her that much.. :(

So now Im fixing up my essay on Tom Forrestall and Ill probably go to bed early since I barely got any sleep last night and I didnt take a nap today!
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[26 May 2006|06:30am]

So yeah, Today is Kelseys birthday ahha.


Everyone can just call me Madame President now. :)
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