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[07.05.05 at 2:19pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Got this thing from monica.. thanks =]
(x)Napoleon Dynamite
( )White Noise
( )White Oleander
(x)Anger Management
( )50 First Dates
( )Jason X
( )Scream
( )Scream 2
(x)Scream 3
(x)Scary Movie
( )Scary Movie 2
( )Scary Movie 3
(x)American Pie
( )American Pie 2
( )American Wedding
(x)Harry Potter
(x)Harry Potter 2
(x)Harry Potter 3
( )Resident Evil I
( )Resident Evil 2
(x)The Wedding Singer
(x)Little Black Book
( )The Village
( )Donnie Darko
( )Lilo & Stitch
(x)Finding Nemo
( )Finding Neverland
( )13 Ghosts
(x)The Grinch
( )Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(x)White Chicks
( )Butterfly Effect
( )Thirteen going on 30
( )I Robot
(x)Dodge ball
( )Universal Soldier
( )A Series Of Unfortunate Events
( )Along Came A Spider
( )Deep impact
( )KingPin
(x)Never Been Kissed
(x)Meet The Parents
( )Meet The Fockers
( )Eight Crazy Nights
(x)A Cinderella Story
(x)The Terminal
(x)The Lizzie McGuire Movie
(x)Passport to Paris
(x)Dumb & Dumber
( )Dumb & Dumberer
( )Final Destination
( )Final Destination 2
( )Halloween
(x)The Ring
(x)The Ring 2
( )Harold & Kumar go to white castle
( )Practical Magic
( )Ghost Ship
( )From Hell
( )Hellboy
( )Secret Window
(x)I Am Sam
( )The Whole Nine Yards
( )The Day After Tomorrow
(x)Child's Play
(x)Bride of Chucky
(x)Ten Things I Hate About You
( )Just Married
( )Gothika
( )A Nightmare on Elm Street
(x)Sixteen Candles
( )Bad Boys 2
( )Joy Ride
( )Seven (SE7EN)
(x)Oceans Eleven
( )Oceans Twelve
( )Identity
( )Lone Star
( )Bedazzled
( )Predator I
( )Predator II
(x)Independence Day
( )Cujo
( )A Bronx Tale
(x)Darkness Falls
( )Christine
( )ET
( )Children of the corn
( )My boss' daughter
(x)Maid in Manhattan
( )Frailty
( )Best bet
( )How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(x)She's All That
( )Calendar Girls
( )Sideways
( )Mars Attacks
( )Event Horizon
( )Ever after
(x)Forrest Gump
( )Big Trouble in Little China
( )X-men 1
( )X-men 2
( )Jeepers Creepers
( )Jeepers Creepers 2
( )Catch Me If You Can
( )The Others
(x)Freaky Friday
( )Reign of Fire
(x)Cruel Intentions
(x)The Hot Chick
( )Swimfan
( ) Miracle
( )Old School
( )Ray
(x)The Notebook
( )K-Pax
( )Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
( )Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
( )Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
(x)A Walk to Remember
( )Boogeyman
( )Back Door Sluts 9
( )The Fifth Element
( )Star wars episode I
( )Star wars episode II
( )Star wars episode IV
( )Star wars episode V
( )Star wars episode VI
(x)Troop Beverly Hills
( )Swimming with Sharks
( )Trainspotting
( )people under the stairs
( )Super Troopers
( )Blue Velvet
(x)Sound of music
(x)Parent Trap
( )The Burbs
( )SLC Punk
( )Meet Joe Black
( )Wild girls
( )A Clockwork Orange
( )The Order
(x)Spiderman 2
( )Amelie
(x)Mean Girls
(x)Shrek 2
( )The Incredibles
( )Collateral
(x)The Fast & The Furious
( )2 Fast 2 Furious
( )Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
( )Closer
(x)The Sixth Sense
( )Artificial intelligence
( )Love actually
( )Shutter
(x)Ella Enchanted
(x)Princess diaries 1
( )Princess diaries 2
( )Constantine
(x)Million Dollar Baby
( )Envy
( )Eurotrip
( )Malibu's Most wanted
(x)Big Daddy
( )Black Sheep
( )Tommy Boy
(x)The Breakfast Club
( ) Pretty In Pink
( ) The Matrix
( ) The Matrix Reloaded
( ) Planet of the Apes

kay that was gay.I was supposed to go to The Vllage but my moms stupid. post later doe =]

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[06.29.05 at 1:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow haven't posted in a whilee. recital was sunday night. for me I did way better than saturday =] anyways went to the after party which was pretty fun.played pool with rita, randeeand steph and me and steph kicked rita and rand's butts actually we only won by like one ball but whatever. thenI got like drunk off pop.. I had like 10 glasses!  then left early with rand and steph to rand's crib cuz her grandparents wanted to get home which was ok =]  we went swimming from like 9:00 to 1:00 and took pics and videos on stephanie's cell and camera =D then a bunch of other ppl came over and we stay out a lil longer then went in and ate pizza rolls =] so later we sat in her room and talked for like four hours while everyone else was downstairs. well then ms stephanie was sitting by the heater and opened it and they dared me to yell down the vent I AM GOD so they would hear me. which I did and it was pretty funny =] so anyways we went upstairs and fell asleep around 4ish and woke up at like 9? we all went swimming again til stephanie left. me and rand just chilled later and  I called my mom and she got like really pissed at me cuz I didn't go home with steph or whatever and then she grounded me? yeah how incredibly GAY. so I came home and had dinner at Applebees. could not fall alseep that night until way late =/ so now its wednesday and tmr I get to go to the dentist and get a filling and two teeth pulled =/ sunday going to my aunts with the family. my mom was telling me all the food thats gonna  be there and I can't wait mann =] mmk I'll post later

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wow =P [06.26.05 at 10:35am]
[ mood | excited ]

had first recital last night. tonite is going to go alot better for me hopefully =/ anyways stephanie had to like clean all this green crap off her face from being Elphaba so I was like in the bathroom with her while she was cleaning off her face and it got pretty interesting in there =] that took up like 15 dances plus intermision to do. it was Ashley's birthday too =] so after the recital I went to my grandma's house with my aunt and my mom and got a milkshake from mcdonalds 8) didn't fall asleep until like 12:30 last night too =/ so today we have our last recital at 2:00 so I better get ready for that .. then going to the After Glo Party afterwards @ wiseguys.. wish us luck tonite! So friken excited! =]

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I've thrown away so many things that could've been much more. [06.20.05 at 2:38pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Any control I thought I had just slipped through my hands
While my ever-present conscience shakes its head and reprimands me
Reprimands me
Then and there
I confess
I'll blame all this on my selfishness
Yet you love me
And that consumes me
And I'll stand up again
And do so willingly
You give me hope, and hope it gives me life
You touch my heavy heart, and when you do it makes me light
As I exhale I hear your voice
And I answer you, though I hardly make a noize
And from my lips the words I choose to say
Seem pathatic, but it's a fallen man's praise
Because I love you
Oh God,
I love you
And life is now worth living
If only because of you
And when they say I'm dead and gone
It won't be further from the truth.

I'm sooo fucking bored jeeves. =[ Just glad I'm going to brit's laterr =) My dads coming home in like 20 minutes since thursday. well he's gonna see my report card and ground me since I got a B- in geography . fuck my summer is like over =/ Bummer. its like quarter to 2 and I'm still in my pjs. 8) yeah I'm cool. steph got a new picture phone and so took a picture of me yesterday =] really cool. when the phone rings the picture of whoever is calling appears. yeah i think thats friggen awesome doe. alrite going to shower. comment pleasse


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[06.20.05 at 1:28pm]
hmm. well yesterday went out with my mom and got a new swimsuit =] its really cute =) went to randee's the other night =] it was pretty fun. going to brits tonite to go swimming and spend the night after broadway bound =] tonite is the last b'way bound class =[ oh well. well talked to monica and had a pretty intresting convo =]

julie and monica =] old conversationCollapse )
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