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June 23rd, 2005
yesturday was graduation. everything familar is gone. only the unknown awaits us. it really is sort of scary. Lauren cried. Don't know if it was real or not but she needed a donut. My life has change so quick but all in the course of about 2 hours. The dance was absolutly great. Sean is a lovely tango man even if he steps on my feet. Joe isn't that into dancing. Evan can sing me the slow song while we are dancing to it whenever. Mark I. likes to reggae like a maniac. Steven i killed you in our dance off even if you stooped so low to ripping my dress. Connor is awesome. Tom like YMCA. John dont listen to the dj you shake your rump. Jeff is a major pimp. Adam and his love dance wonderfuly. Ian hmm...not much to say. Dean and his love can shake it. Now to my lady dancers. Hannah i absolutly love you truely. Trish i can be so true with you and i love it. Kelly your my techno rage. Emily your so loving and you and adam are perfect. Lauren B. i love your badagadunk. Rachael i would totally twist like the 2 in pulp fiction with you anyday. Lindsey your so sweet and i love your eyelashes. Tara and Kim even though i may havent hung out with you two much i still know that you two are the sweetest girls in the world. Cassidy youve always bin there for me. Carmela and Dean are just meant to be. And to the girls i dont like. angela i must say you studied the thriller moves. And Eliza im sorry for tripping you. Eun your dumb for not coming. Tomorrow is the last day together. Lets have the greatest fun we can while we still have the chance.

Congrats Class of 2005!!!

April 15th, 2005

You're all drugged out and delirious
Don't close your eyes - are you hearing this?
I'm about to say something
that I swore I'd never say
I gotta get it out before I get away

...you know the drill...
comment. i add. you comment like crazy

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