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the weight of water

the way you told me to look past everything

the first kiss and the first time
27 February
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the girl;;
whitney. seventeen. oklahoma. brunette. obsessive. sarcastic. baker. loves her best friends & animals. only child. homeschooled. spiritual and somewhat religious. passionate writer.
the shows;;
lost. jericho. grey's anatomy. prison break.
the movies;;
x-men trilogy. ghost rider. the fog. the star wars saga. underworld. under the tuscan sun. sweet home alabama. daredevil. shattered glass. harry potter series.
the music;;
nickelback. evanescence. hinder .snow patrol. the fray. justin timberlake. papa roach. the all-american rejects. the pussycat dolls. three days grace. nelly furtado. creed. staind. 30 seconds to mars. theory of a deadman. kelly clarkson. the red jumpsuit apparatus. alter bridge.
the celebrities;;
josh holloway. evangeline lilly. katherine heigl. justin chambers. scarlett johansson. hayden christensen. natalie portman. ian somerhalder. maggie grace. ashton kutcher. jennifer garner. steven strait. angelina jolie. hugh jackman. patrick dempsey. eric dane.
the shipping;;
sawyer&kate. sayid&shannon. boone&kate. boone&shannon. jack&juliet. scott&jean. rogue&remy. michael&sara. lincoln&veronica. alex&izzie. mark&addison. meredith&derek. jake&emily. johnny&roxanne.
the other;;
writing journal @ saccharinevenom. aim @ the the real drmodel. msn @ sawyerskate@hotmail.com. e-mail @ sawyerskate@cox.net. deviantart @ katesblackvelvet. cafepress @ hot_tees_4_you.
30 seconds to mars, acting, adventure, alex/izzie, amy lee, anakin/padme, angsty romance, animals, ashley scott, ashton kutcher, baby bowser, baking, bbq, beaches, bigfoot, blink, cars, cats, chad kroeger, chinese zodiac, chococat, christianity, chupacabras, comic books, cooking, creativity, dancing, daredevil, daughtry, daydreaming, disney, dogs, drama, dream interpretation, driving, egyptian gods, elektra, emeralds, evanescence, evangeline lilly, exercise, fanfiction, fantastic four, fantasy, fashion, football, ford, ghost rider, ghosts, god, green, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hayden christensen, hello kitty, henry wadsworth longfellow, hiking, hinder, horses, houndoom, ian somerhalder, ipod, jake/emily, jean/scott, jeep, jericho, joe jon finley, johnny blaze, johnny/roxanne, josh holloway, journalism, justin chambers, justin timberlake, kate/boone, katherine heigl, koopas, literature, logan/ororo, losing weight, lost, maneki neko, mark/addison, marvel, mcsteamy, medicine, meowth, meteorology, michael/sara, modeling, music, mythology, natalie portman, nelly furtado, new recipes, nickelback, nintendo, ou, papa roach, paranormal, parapsychology, persian, pilates, pisces, poetry, pokemon, prison break, racing, reading, rock, romance, ron/hermione, sawyer/kate, sayid/shannon, scarlett johansson, shopping, skeet ulrich, skitty, snow patrol, sports, staind, star wars, tattoos, the all-american rejects, the fog, the fray, the joy of cooking, the sims 2, three days grace, tom welling, tomb raider, tragic romance, tyson ritter, urban legends, vampires, video games, volleyball, writing, x-men, x-men: evolution