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4/13/05 02:47 pm







comment and i'll add you.

yes i made a new lj.

today was good. so yeah. comment on my_sacredspace


peace to ____sleepallday

hello to my_sacredspace  

4/12/05 04:17 pm

ever so sweet you make this seem the way things go it's not my fault
i miss, i miss you so good all of those nights we lost our way back home

what you left behindCollapse )

4/11/05 09:21 pm - wu tang clan ain't nothin to fuck with

oh my hannah nuerenberg's mom is the coolest fucking mom on the planet.

sin city was real good.
i had a good night.

4/11/05 05:00 pm

don't wake me i plan on sleeping in

4/11/05 04:36 pm

Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility:nothing really :(
best personality trait:nothing...nothing at all
will you marry your bf/gf that you have now?no
when will you get married?April 26, 2020
your kiss is:meaningful!
People date you because:you're everything they want in a girl/guy
Quiz created with MemeGen!

haha that basically tells me i don't have a good quality.
it happens.

i printed my design on my hoodie and it looks sweet.
i had to explain why i am sunburned to a lot of people. that got old fast.
my weekend was sweet. the best one i've had in a while.
seeing jessica was nice. hanging with julie and justin was nice.
i'm at peace.

for now.
all is well.

4/9/05 03:39 pm

yesterday was pretty fun. after school justin and i went on a picture adventure in some abandoned house. then justin came over my house and played guitar for a little bit. a little bit after that we went on a walk with heather, to ashley's, then rob's house. when rob got home, we all went to wendy's. heather and ashley left, then nick showed up. later that night rob had a fire at his house and that was fun. i went home and slept.

i know that i will become everything i hate eventuallyCollapse )

4/7/05 09:08 pm - i swear i'll know your face in the crowd

the last few days have been getting worse and worse by the day.
i did nothing today besides waste the day away by sleeping, and went to my guitar lesson.
last night i got into a fight with my mom.
it was quite ridiculous. i asked her to cash my check and not to put any of it in my bank account.
she says 'why do you need that much? who are you going to give it to?'
so she thinks that everything i do is somehow related to drugs. i guess i'm the 'sneaky' type, and that i lie everytime i get the chance to. she says that i'm never at home. i am never at home because when i am, i'm in a shitty mood and just sleep. so why stay in a place where i'm in a bad mood. i go over friends houses cause that makes me feel better. i guess that's bad. yeah so my mom doesn't believe in me, or believe anything i say.
so at least i get out of here for 3 days over memorial day break thing. i can go to chicago with the diversity group.
meaps suck.
i need a picture adventure.

hope all is well

3/31/05 02:38 pm

yesterday was fun
spent most of the day at mr ruscoe's house. heather, jennifer, ashley came over for a little bit. then left. um rob has a woman now. i'm happy for him. yesterday was just a good day. buttercup gave me a call that made me happy. then rob had a fire last night. that was nice, it was soo relaxing.
today i have guitar lessons.
i'm updating at rob's house cause i can't go on at my house for a little bit. soo buttercup you should call me if you want to see the set i prepared. it will be sweet, so yeah.
2483963253__mycellular phone

i ♥ people

3/29/05 05:38 pm - this is going nowhere

quiz i stole from hannahCollapse )

3/28/05 11:22 pm - my friends told me to leave you

hmm so today was boring until i went to hannah's house. i like hanging out with her, it is always fun. i don't know what else to say besides i had fun hanging with hannah and jessie. she is so skinny.

3/28/05 02:21 am

sorry chelsea i'm stealing this because it's 2:22 in the am and i'm damn bored. so those of you not in the know, here are a lot of damn facts about me

I know you don't care, neither do I!

1. I have been listening to Rilo Kiley's "Portions For Foxes" and "Ripchord" since about 11:30 pm.
2. I listen to Jason Mraz music, and I am so buying his new record when it comes out "Mr.A-Z"
3. I like messing with photoshop when I am bored, and if you check my past entries, I get bored quite often.
4. I like to go bowling, but thankfully I am not the drunk, stereotype of a bowler, like Mr. Figi.
5. Talking leads to touching, touching leads to sex, and then there is no mystery left.
6. Baby I'm bad news.
7. I have a grease burn on my arm from working at McDonalds.
8. I love music.
9. Lonliness leads to bad dreams, bad dreams lead to me calling you.
10. I use nicknames for some of my friends.
11. I like to write corny stuff.
12. I like Jessica's art/photos that she has on her website. I think they are fantastic.
13. Justin's music makes me happy, it inspires me to be better even though I'm not.
14. It's all about the sex.
15. I like being sick so I can call into work saying I'm sick and that I can't work.
16. My bosses are fat pigs.
17. I like putting myself out there when I know I'll get rejected.
18. I am a very sarcastic person.
19. Picture adventures are fun.
20. I cry watching Garden State, everytime. Seriously.
21. I admit when I cry. Obviously.
22. I would write a book, but I can't sit down and write for a long time.
23. I get distracted easily.
24. I like living in a big city, I don't like living in White Lake. Though it's not so bad anymore.
25. I think people are too quick to judge me. I appreciate the people who don't judge me and who got to know me.
26. If not for them, I would still be trying to find a way out of here everyday.
27. I like wearing blazers.
28. I absolutely hate it when people ask me how the crops are. If those people were my friends I wouldn't mind it as much.
29. My middle name is Frank.
30. I've never been in love.
31. I don't like drinking.
32. I can't remember the last time I've had a talk with my parents that wasn't about school, or sports.
33. Cuddling makes me so happy.
34. Bands that scream like the devil make my head hurt.
35. Pillow fights are fun.
36. I like to sing, but am scared to infront of people.
37. I am terribly self-conscious.
38. When it is really early, I take pictures of myself to keep me busy. [just because I don't like other people taking pictures of me.]
39. I am a huge procrastinator.
40. I could get a good grade in photography. I'm just way too lazy. and I procrastinate way too much.
41. I don't care I like you.

well i'm done I have lost my patience with this.
leave me nice comments. haha

edit:// two pictures of rilo kiley [i got bored]and an originalCollapse )

3/27/05 03:58 pm

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this, allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

3/27/05 02:27 am - stop saying we're invincible

yes it's about 2:30 in the am i just finished writing my own version for underoath's reinventing my exit, because i was bored and had an idea. i also did a couple photoshop things that i thought i would share hereCollapse )i personally think the elliott smith one is sweeter. the birds have a weird effect on the picture of my family. oh well. i like it.


3/25/05 06:55 pm - we need some harder shit now

last night was more fun than i thought it would be. it was a mistake to go out cause i was sick but it was fun. i went to mongolian bbq with colleen, mikhail and colin, we met a bunch of other people there. after that we went off to a easter egg hunt thing, that was over when we got there. so they dropped off colin and we went to colleen's house for a little bit. today i hung out with justin and rob. that was fun, but i'm even more sick. i've just been sitting at home all day. doing nothing, but taking pills that are supposed to make me feel better and trying to blow my nose but it's hard to with a sinus infection.i'm not going to work tomorrow, which i am happy about.


i miss you, i miss us, miss the way things used to be, miss the way you used to care (two photoshop'd pictures)Collapse )

3/24/05 04:33 pm

today was alright. about as good as it can get before spring break starts. i did more photoshoping stuff. more pictures.Collapse ) ps tell me which on is your favorite comment!  pss i called you since i didn't think we'd talk today to say what's up. so yeah. i'm going to mongolian bbq later.  don't forget to comment

3/23/05 02:37 pm

i was so bored today in figi's classes that i decided to make/edit these boredom at its peakCollapse ) comment please EDIT:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3/22/05 07:45 pm - i was hoping i could tell you this 2 feet on the ground

today wasn't that bad of a day. i hung out with justin and rob. went to wendy's, then to justin's house for a little bit. and justin let me borrow his spill canvas cd so i can put it on my computer.

i think i've posted these before but i'm soo damn boredCollapse )alright i'm done now. i'm going back to sleep

3/21/05 09:09 pm

fries were my life today.

'put fries in the fry hopper'
'3 small, 3 medium and 1 large at all times, ready'
that's all i heard for 3 hours.
and i have a grease burn on my arm to show for it.


3/19/05 11:22 pm - i'm not your fucking mom

the ring 2, scared the hell out of me and was extremely lame at the same time.
'i'm not your fucking mom' the best line of the movie, by far.
julie and megan
you are sweet.

3/18/05 10:28 pm - pure confusion at its best

i went to the benefit show at waterford kettering with julie, megan and andria tonight.
that was fun. most of the bands were terribly lame. rootbeer chaser, riding shotgun and jared's band were the only ones i liked. the rest were screaming hardcorex10 and it was terrible.
after that was ram's horn.
hmmm remember when i spilled that shit all over becca and felt really bad and like a lameass. sorry had to use your word on that one julie. i think it was necessary to put it that way. umm. yeah.

take another shot at what we got and loosen up a bit

3/18/05 06:39 am - the camera lens captures betrayal

eww snow.

i need the smell of summer, i need its noises in my ear.

tonight shall be fun.

ps i'm sick of procrastinating

3/16/05 05:12 pm - let your beauty unfold

school was fine.

after school i convinced my mom to let me go to panera and visit megan and julie.
i got a coffee and 2 plain bagels.
then, i knocked over some of my coffee. that was sweet. and embarassing.
i am lame.

3/10/05 08:30 pm

today was pretty fricken sweet.
guitar lessons were fine.
after that i went to julie's and watched garden state.
what a sweet movie. that movie never makes me cry.
then i put on a concert which was embarassing cause i'm too shy to sing.
but it was the best concert.
tomorrow should be sweet also.

ps julie, thanks for the cds. they make me happy.

3/9/05 06:51 pm

Last few days have been pretty damn uneventful.
i've been being a fat kid and ate mcdonalds for the past three or four days.
i played pool at rob's today.
that's about it.
there's not really anything to talk about, or nothing to complain about.
the next couple days should be fun.
then going to seeJoe Wilson Saturday.
I have work saturday damn it.

3/7/05 10:23 pm

You scored as The Beast. Your alter ego is The Beast! But that is only a name... you are kind hearted and sweet, people just misunderstand you.


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3/3/05 10:22 pm - my hands never left my pockets

tonight was fun.
i got attacked by flying pieces of candy.
and i liked it.

3/2/05 03:24 pm

pictureCollapse )

3/1/05 11:14 am

Do you love me?

Would you hold me if I cried?

How hot am I 1-10?

Do you have a crush on me?

What stands out on me?

If you and i were alone what would you do with me?

Do you think I could kick your ass?

What do you think my favorite thing to do is?

What do u think my favorite color is?

Do you think I have a crush on you?

Would you go out with me?

Would you hold my hand?

Would you have sex with me?


2/27/05 03:26 am

If you read this
You must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want,
it can be good or bad.

Then post this to your journal,
and see what people remember about you ...

2/21/05 08:02 pm - so we can get some

this weekend has been so damn sweet. the best in a while. friday was awesome. saturday sucked because i had work from 1-8, but i talked to rachelle a lot after work. from about 8:20pm to 4am. sunday wasn't that bad. went to rob's and watched cat woman with justin, rob's mom and aunt. that movie blowed.
today was sweet. i went to rob's at 11 something. then justin came, then bobby. we all went to pizza hut. ugh, my stomach hurts from too much food. but it was so good. 'who puts chicken on pizza?', 'black people' hahaha. after that we went back to robs for a little bit. me and justin left, then hung out with julie and megan. that was fun. i finally found someone who likes Jason Mraz, she thought i was making fun of her at first. but jason mraz is awesome.

ps. justin
ashlee simpson! hahaha

2/20/05 04:27 am - damn dirty hippies

hmm it's 4:27 am and no one is online. i think i shall go to bed soon.
this weekend has been pretty damn sweet so far. friday night. went to mocha's with leah, holly, justin, maggy. then diana and rachelle showed up later. that place was sweet, but i didn't like that we had to keep buying shit. thank you leah for hooking me up with free food. that was sweet. yesterday i had work from 1pm to 8pm. got home at 8 something. went online and talked to rachelle from work until 4 am. before work today i bought a shirt from hollister that says 'DAMN DIRTY HIPPIES' and a sweater from american eagle for $15, clearance bitches.
well all for now since i can't think.

2/18/05 10:49 pm - recycled air

mochas bitchesCollapse )

2/17/05 07:52 pm


pictures from today, i'm so emo. kidding, but check them out.and when i see you i really see you upside downCollapse )

2/16/05 10:52 pm

Ten random things about me::
1. i love music
2. i shoot up everyday, haha. just kidding
3. i get really hyper sometimes.
4. i'm from detroit. represent nigga.
5. Im obsessed with flo music
6. garden state makes me cry
7. some people like my eyes
8. i'm a fat kid
9. i say stuff like you're soooo skinny
10. i get excited whenever i get a chance to go bowling

Nine ways to win my heart::
1. love music
2. cuddle
3. hold my hand when i get scared
4. talk to me when i walk home, cause it is dark and i get scared
5. like the same music as me
6. sing to me
7. not think its weird if i cry when watching garden state
8. long hugs
9. call me john the farmer

Eight things I want to do before I die::
1. Get married
2. Have a kid
3. have a sweet singing voice
4. have groupies
5. go to france
6. be loved by one person for the rest of my life

Seven ways to annoy me::
1. when people ask me how the crops are, i'm not a farmer god damn
2. just be mean
3. talk about drugs 24/7

Six things I believe in::
1. love
2. music
3. family
4. god, sometimes

Five things I am afraid of (mine are just fears)::
1. walking a lone at night
2. watching scary movies a lone
3. Im kind of claustrophobic

Four favorite items in my room::
1. my closet
2. the kittie picture
3. my bed
4. my books

Three things I do everyday::
1. Wake up
2. Listen to my music
3. go to school

Two things I want to do right now::
1. hang with hannah
2. and go to a scary movie

One person I want to see right now::
1. hannah

2/15/05 06:34 pm - why is that man holding a dildo?

novmbercame2soon: alright
novmbercame2soon: ahh i gotta poop so bad
prettywhnsedated: hahahah
prettywhnsedated: yess
novmbercame2soon: brb
prettywhnsedated: k
prettywhnsedated: think of me
novmbercame2soon: duh
novmbercame2soon: back
prettywhnsedated: haha
more of the funny conversation yo, you will laugh, i promise youCollapse )

2/14/05 10:06 pm - you smell nice

i saw hide and seek with hannah tonight
happy anti valentine's day
i had a great time
hope you had fun
that movie scared the hell out of me
but you know that
i'm glad we went to see that
and i'm glad you like your record

earlier today:
picture adventure with justin
went to robs
went to bath and body works
went back to robs
got smelling nice for hannah haha

2/13/05 05:32 pm

i'm happy.
work was not that bad at all
i got a flower at work today
that made me happy
i can't go bowling tonight damn it
i start segment 2 drivers ed this week
talent show auditions are thursday, and i have drivers ed that day

this coming week
-hang with hannah tomorrow
-tues-thursday i have drivers ed
-thursday is talent show auditions

2/12/05 10:41 am - you closed the door

last two or three days i've been in a bad mood.
i don't know..
yes i do.
other than that things are fine.
i really don't want to go to work today,
or in general.
i've been writing some,
they aren't great,
but i don't like to show anyone.
yes i'm odd about that.
i'm hoping that if hannah banana
still wants to hang out monday, that will happen.
and maybe me and justin can record after work
that would be grand.

2/10/05 05:58 pm - butterfly broke through my chest, it helped carry me home

Am I;
A friend?:
More than a friend?:
A flirt?:
Fun to hang out with?:
Laid back?:

sorry i just put you through that.
this week has not been good.
hugs make me feel good.
elliott smith music makes me depressed.
but i still listen cause it's good.
i need to learn that damn bar chord.
me and justin need to practice for the
talent show.

2/8/05 04:40 pm

umm yeah i am such a dork *red face*

2/6/05 04:48 pm - there is no master plan, my heart is in your Hands

a recap of this weekend

friday :
played basketball with rob and bobby
went to salvation army
bought hannah the teddy bear
went to dustin's to play pokwer
lost $7

saturday :
had work from 10 am to 2 pm
did nothing till like 6
went to bobby's
went bowling with him, hannah, and kristin
that was extremely fun
gave hannah her teddy bear, yesssss
you're soooo skinny
hannah is awesome

i did nothing
i guess work scheduled me for today but i didn't go
i helped bring our old furniture to some people who really needed furniture
i went to great lakes
bought 'survivor' by chuck something, the dude who wrote lullaby

2/5/05 10:49 pm

tonight was real fun
you make me wanna la la
haha i'm a dork

2/4/05 11:05 pm - and we'll both make the promise that only our lungs can breathe

after school, went to bobby's and played bball with him and rob.
went to salvation army, and mcdonalds
me and rob went back to my house and listened to music
then went back to mcdonalds
bobby came back over and we all watched most of garden state
they left
i went to dustin's to play poker
i lost $5 on poker, and $2 playing euchre
not looking forward to working tomorrow, only 4 hours thank god.
i'm looking forward to after work, hannah banana and john the farmer day

Take the quiz: "What Kinda Kiss R U?"

Tender Kiss
The tender kiss is the feeling where you can be anywhere and show your feelings.

some photos i photoshop'd behind the lj cut thing.
and i will be your, your everything and moreCollapse )

2/3/05 08:17 pm

justin came over and got his record on
i like the tracks
i had guitar lessons today
that went fine
now i'm bored
the oc is on
tomorrow is friday
then saturday will hopefully go as planned.

2/2/05 09:37 pm

i need to practice singing so i can lay down a phat track with justin for the talent show
i miss her
and i want to hang out again
no winterfest for me
i hope me and hannah can have a hannah banana and john the farmer day
call me if you need to talk i'll be here to listen.
i don't want to work saturday
mr. figi said i looked like a rockstar in one of my pictures. haha

john the farmer

2/1/05 08:37 pm

let's run behind the music, fall onto my couch.

i miss you <3

1/30/05 12:49 am

guess what bands sang these songs.
so bored.

1. i feel pretty, pretty enough for you.
2. keep to myself if you keep to yours.
3. making love to you was never second best.
4. it's a luscious mix of words and tricks.
5. you need me like a bad habit.
6. tonight she'll drink for victory.
7. kiss me lovely, touch me softly, kill me quickly, love me kiss me
8. take these misunderstandings, return them back where they came from
9. now walk through the door, the same one you came in, so we can go back to how things used to be
10. we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do

1/29/05 02:24 pm

shit today can't record.
if anyone wants to go to the movies or anything call me 396 3253
last night i went bowling with bobby.
today i've done nothing except for move the couch with my dad, and we're getting new furniture today.
i made kelli belli's mix, that works this time, i think she'll like it.
um, yesterday there was a fire at lakeland.
i told kelli i like her
after school i went to justin's for a little bit
he let me borrow 3 books : go ask alice, less than zero, and lullaby.
he showed me some sweet shit he made up, i liked it a lot.
tomorrow i have work from 2 pm till 9.

1/28/05 06:23 am

yesterday was pretty flipping sweet.
i went to guitar lessons.
i guess my chord progression thing sounded good to my teacher.
i hate the F chord with a passion.
i came home, did nothing for about 40 minutes
then kelli came over.
we went to tim horton's and the cafe mocha's almost burnt our tongue's
came back to my house and watched garden state
then she had to leave before it was over, that made me sad.
then i was trying to work on a short song on the acoustic
i watched the oc. that was sweet last night.
that's about it

1/27/05 08:59 pm

you make me wanna la la.
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