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Sit back; relapse. [entries|friends|calendar]
Chelly;; ♥

Found my way back in the dark tonight.
Couldn't wake up not right next to you.
I'd trade forever just to hear you say the sound of my name.

Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die.
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8 / 16 / 2006]
new school year. new school. new friends. new loves. new fights. new drama.
new livejournal.
i'm going to add all of you on there...add me back?
2 // Miserable up here without you.

6 / 21 / 2006]

heya kids.
how's livejournal?
i said i wasn't going to update,
but i guess this is worth the time.


the end.

8 // Miserable up here without you.

Berkeley is my baby and I wanna kill it. [Tuesday
5 / 23 / 2006]
[ mood | it's gonna be alright. ]


I suck at LiveJournal.  There's a whole lot of stuff going on right now [both good and bad], and I'm tired of feeling guilty for never updating [with something that matters] or commenting like I should.

Therefore, I'm leaving...at least for a while.  This summer is going to be hectic like whoa and I just know that I'll never have time to update. 

I can, however, pretty much promise you that I'll be back when school starts, because LJ serves as my ranting machine.  It's completely up to you if you want to unadd me or not [as I'm sure many of you already have do to my lack of activity, lately].  I really wish you wouldn't though, unless dead weight for a few months is going to annoy the hell out of you or something.

There are a few things I want to get out of the way, though...

Sandy has officially moved in with us.
Kayla and I's relationship is on the rocks, like whoa.
Ronald is still a [reallyreallyfreakingsexy] asshole.
Sam is still deathly in love with me and I'm still deathly scared.
I'm in highschool!
I have a new car...it's...about to explode...
We're going to be picking Hilary up here shortly.
I'm not going to be seeing Amber after all...
I'm so excited for this summer to kick off.
It's going to be amazing.
Never have I anticipated something so much as I have this summer.
Oh, and I'm in love with Sam's brother. He's pretty much amazing.
♥ Love you all. See you in a few months.

11 // Miserable up here without you.

4 / 20 / 2006]
This is how you play: It's simple. You comment with a band. It can be any band -- mainstream or indie, rock or rap. The idea is to get people interested in and open to unfamiliar music. If you want, include a little about the band and a recommended song to download. You can comment more than once, but don't include two bands in one comment.

22 // Miserable up here without you.

8 / 21 / 2005]


Word up, bitch.

I mean it. If you don't add me first, you will NOT get added. No, for real. View the big letters. I mean it.

You've got a snowball's chance in hell if:
- We have nothing in common.
- You're narrow minded.
- You're homophobic.
- You're racial.
- You're stupid/ignorant.
- You're easily offended.
- u typ lyk diz/ lawlzwtf/.

You must:
- Have a sense of humor. You CAN'T take anything I say seriously, unless I say I'm being serious. And even then, you have to use your own judgment on if I'm kidding or not.
- Be at least somewhat intelligent.
- Let's not be old and creepy, m'kay?
- Love/like/at the least have respect for my music, especially Green Day. I'm of no use to you unless you do.
- English is good. I'm not multi-lingual.
- Be able to put up with my ramblings and crap.

I act all cool, but I'm extremely lenient with who I add.

- Name:
- Age:
- Your Listens ♥:
- Where'd you find me?:
- Omgyay?:
( Effective 4/12/06 )
106 // Miserable up here without you.

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