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Shes got diamonds for eyes

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[28 Jun 2006|12:43pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys sorry I deleted this, I made a new livejournal for when I go abroad next year, if you're interested in keeping in touch add it, I've kind of missed a lot of you guys.
or you can just add me on myspace to keep in touch

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Locked [10 Jan 2005|06:16pm]
So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your daredevils, jet cars, motorcycles, helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hollow, sting me with the theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when it's only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care. I just like solid entertainment.
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