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I bought a 30GB iPod. Stacey Stevens is my best girlfriend & I love… - Everything looks perfect from far away.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]


[Sep. 19th, 2007|09:58 pm]
I bought a 30GB iPod.

Stacey Stevens is my best girlfriend & I love her. I wear all of her clothes & we have sleep overs & binge drink (then eat) together & laugh too loud about it the next day. Sucks she lives so far :( Saturday night we went to new haven & I danced with about 20 guys who all looked like the Gotti brothers, and one of their names was "Andrew" so that's just what I called all of them. Then Sunday we went apple picking (me & Stacey, not Gotti brothers).

It's very tentative, but I may be getting a new car.. a VW Golf :) (But probably not, with my luck.) Either way, I get to go up to Queens to check it out with a friend of mine, then hang out/go to dinner in the city which is awesome.

I got chosen to be "In the Spotlight" at work!!! It's where they take your picture & do a little bio on you and frame it in the lobby. Haha so corney, but I really danced around my office and made a huge deal when they asked me.

So since I got my tattoo touched up, it had been doing this really weird thing where when I flexed my foot, it felt like all the tendons were creaking, and then it started hurting all the time because I was constantly doing it. I got nervous because some people at work thought it might be scar tissue under the skin rubbing against the tendons.. so Chris ultra-sounded it (like mini vibrations you can't even feel) at work a few times & now it's completely healed, which is such a relief.

Philosophy is a cool class, definitely atleast the easiest text book I ever read.. just because I can actually get into it.

yaaaaaa gotta go