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the incredible vanishing rat [Monday
February 23rd, 2009

okay. so.

I'm making pasta and we're letting the rats run around the apartment (like usual) and I sit up and say "...wheres Grim?" and he is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I look all over and eventually decide he's behind the fridge, which freaks me out. I quiet down and can definitely hear him, so at least we know where he is. Wrong. Poking around the kitchen, I notice a spot where the kickstrip PUSHES BACK and there is a tiny narrow passage about 3 feet long, at the end of which is a hole in the drywall. The asshole got back there and was completely out of reach. To make things easier I grabbed the screwdriver and took apart some of the back of the cabinet under the sink, but eventually had to bust the rest out with a hammer. I busted out some of the drywall at the end of the passage, too, and eventually unscrewed part of the cabinetry but still couldn't reach far enough. We were able to lure him out with a cracker, but he somehow grabbed the entire thing and took off. After TWO HOURS of worry and stress and fear, Kristine was able to lure him out into the kitchen with a spoonful of peanut butter. She went to grab him and he squirmed out of her hand and ran back for the hole, but I moved quickly enough to grab him and spin around. He came flying out of my hand, shot across the room and landed on top of the cage, after which he BOLTED across the living room to under the couch. I finally got him back into the cage. He is so dirty from being in there and such a jerk for making me worry and I cried a little when he was finally back. This was so frustrating and terrible and what a piece of shit dump of an apartment. I feel bad because I squeezed him pretty hard when I grabbed him and he kinda flew pretty far when he flung out of my hands :( But he seems to be okay. He's not leaving that cage for a WHILE though.

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January 26th, 2009


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