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Chunk of something found in capri sun... [16 Jun 2010|08:15pm]
Friend of mine bought some capri sun and when her daughter couldn't get any thing out of the straw she noticed it was leaking...

When she further inspected there was a foul smell and it was leaking from the seam, she cut the pouch open to find this:

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.+*Friends Only! [03 Aug 2004|09:35pm]
.+*Friends Only*+.

Credit Me! I made this!
.:So, tell me what you don't like about yourself:.
...Friends only actually....

Promo's allowed. But if your a rating community
full of fucking ugly ass poser punk girls. Gag yourself.
Seriously. Fucking quit cutting your hair, its ugly.
Stop peircing yourself, its hideous. And please just
dress normal. You guys are fucking ugly and you can't
compete with me. So don't bother.

No drama.

To add me, leave your message and a picture!

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