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quiet baby

don't explain

14 October 1984
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This journal is friends only for no other reason other than I like to know who is reading about my personal life. I'm pretty open, though, so leave me a comment and I will most likely add you (no creepsters please!). Add me back though, because I'm more than a little anal about that kind of stuff.

Why You Should Know/Add Me

I am passionate, I am driven. I can love and I can defend the ones that I claim to love. Once there is a bond, I am determined and devoted to keep it. I drop everything to help out a friend. I am an equestrian, I am a music enthusiast. I hope that you can see he drive I have to become known someday. I can forgive and I can forget, but I can learn and grow all the same. I am a reader, and I am my own. I own this life, and I am proud to say it is wonderful. So add me, I'll be happy to meet someone new...

Quick Facts

My name isErin.
I am 23.
I have a degree in Sociology.
My soul is owned by horses.
I am addicted to caffeine.
I love to read books.

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, (one-hundred thousand miles plus!), beewee!, caramel silks, driving too much, gvsu eq team, keeping it real, rolex the watchdog, srah!!!, the tuck, totty potty, uncommon grounds