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amba's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[November 26th, 10:47pm]
i love u ally and rana.
8 - !&?

[November 6th, 11:03am]
i have to pee.
3 - !&?

[November 3rd, 5:19pm]
i cant believe ppl voted for that idiot. oh well, i had no say in it. but i hope he doesn't run our country into the ground. me and ally wrote the greatest story today for my english project. the teachers probably gonna hate it though. haha oh well. allys sick, i hope she feels better! im pretty sick too. i stayed home and watched golden girls all day.i miss my friends. i miss being close with ally, and being able to tell her everything. i still tell her everything, but we never hang out. i always feel like shes with rana, when she could be with me. it sounds mean, but its how i feel. i miss her. =\
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[October 18th, 9:45pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i def. need to fix my journal. its so unappealing, disgusting to look at. i dont like school anymore. i got an F in history, cause i missed a test. well, im not allowed to make up that test. so good for actually trying this time. i hope my mom is alright with it. but oh well. how was everyones fall break? this is gay. immmmm out.

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[September 8th, 4:40pm]
Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I'll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty. Then post this in your journal so I can find out what you think of me.
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[August 28th, 10:30am]

yesterday, i got yelled at by like four of my teachers. it was awful, i was in such a bad mood.
i was walking with shannon and we stopped to talk. and all of a sudden we hear, "damn" and shannon looks at me and starts laughing. cause this black guy is sittin here checkin out my ass and callin me fine and shit. haha it was hilarious. made my day.
then, i thought adam was sposed to come get me. he didnt. he started work at 12, not got off at twelve. so we went back to allys. monica came over. shes so cute. adam took us to chick-fil-a. then my mom said i had to come home and watch my brother and allys brother. it was all good. and this this the gayest entry ever. excuse me.
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[August 21st, 2:20pm]
i never update in this effin thing. maybe because no one leaves comments. so start now hoebags. ♥
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[August 1st, 2:59am]
1--dance tech-maguire
2--eng 2-newton
3--erth/spa sci-draper
4--world history-dickison
5--algebra 1b-beasley
6--early child 1-cave
7--art 3d-baucage

yeah niggas. holla?
i need first period changed. mmmkkay
and i have first lunch
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[July 21st, 10:56am]

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[July 18th, 8:43pm]
dont hate on the nick carter background.
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[July 4th, 6:17pm]

the perfect boy ♥Collapse )

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[June 30th, 5:58pm]

ah. a blessed time with ally ive been spending. i can never get tired of that girl. i love her to death. w e hung out at the r a l l o house a couple days ago. i figured out that ally c a nt drive.
i love going to bubbas house. when i come home i can smell his room on everything. i love it. even my socks smell like that nig.
me and johnathan broke up yesterday. we never saw each other, so it sucked.i think im giving up on having a bf right now, cause i really dont need one. strictly hookups for my ass.
i cant wait to see my allybaby again.i miss being with her. im trying to get my mom to let katie start coming over. we might be able to hang out like we used to. well im done. &hearts; &hearts; &hearts;

7 - !&?

[June 17th, 1:45am]
im directing a scene that has you &me foreverCollapse )
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oh baby baby [June 16th, 9:34pm]
wow.two fights in one day
i didnt ditch anybody
& i dont even wanna talk
a b o u t it
cause um obviously u wont
understand it so shut up

ive been at allys house
most of the summer
been takin some hott ass
pics you know how we do!
y e a n i k k a !

we went to the bootleg demo
i thought elissa steamer
was a dude. some ten year
old kid likes ally<3 hes a-
ctually really cute.go ally

friday night, im goin to sc
to go get my friend sadie
i havent seen her since oct
i miss that girl like crazy
shes staying for awhile
good times good t i m e s

i found him you guys.<3

♥ ♥ ♥
6 - !&?

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