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White Trash \ \ Hardcore / / Rock and Roll \ \ Fuck You

Hey Brother, all we've gots each other...

White Trash
28 July
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Hey brother!
I see what they've done to you.
Hey brother!
Can you see what they done to me too?
No where to turn and we got nothing to lose,
But you can count on me if I can count on you. It's true!

In a world of shit, y'know they made us suffer.
Hey brother all they let us have is each other
So let's f u c k s o c i e t y u p . . .

They'll NEVER SEE the side of life I've seen
They'll NEVER UNDERSTAND what made this ha-tr-ed inside me breathe.
I found my family on the CITY STREETS
Because they locked me out of their American dream. They lie!
And through those years of redemption denied
I couldn't see the truth through the blood in my eyes. They lie!
I know they want to tear us up my friend,
But we can spit in their face until the bitter end, my friend!