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27 November 2009 @ 12:18 am

Bernie Madoff
Circle I Limbo

Osama bin Laden
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

The Pope
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

General asshats
Circle VII Burning Sands

NAMBLA Members
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

George Bush
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

24 May 2009 @ 01:20 am
tonight, i was totally okay with smoking a blunt and watching star wars on vh1, even though it was saturday. also, i need a bowler hat. and an external hard drive.

i'm SO GOOD at what i do!
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30 April 2009 @ 08:43 pm
1. Liv WILL be moving to NYC from Spokane on May 11.
2. I got a job piercing again - I'm working at One Flight Down, which is one flight of stairs down right past the corner on 157th and Broadway.
3. May 10th is the annual 10th street Street Fair and I WILL be there this time to sell hats & possibly books... This WILL be the year I actually go and do that.
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25 April 2009 @ 07:09 pm
Kickass nightmares.

In shallow water, able to see out at the night sky, but unable to breathe. It goes on for so long. I take a breath of cold, rippling fountain water. I am wearing old jeans and EI's old blue sweater, which is always associated with the era named after it, pertaining to "Sent to the Moon" by Tullycraft and the danger of romanticizing Tim Burton in favor of Baz Luhrman. As I die, the surface of the water turns into a movie theater screen, where an up-and-coming macabre filmmaker has condensed my life and death into a hit indie movie. The credits roll, but I can't see the names. "This is Hell" by Elvis Costello is playing.
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05 April 2009 @ 09:51 pm
I went to the bronx zoo today with my mom. It was awesome. While we were there, she suggested that we travel.
Actually, that's a lie. I watched the ABC Anne Frank special that I had taped like 10 years ago... At the end of the movie, I was crying and my mom said, "let's go to Amsterdam." And i said, "okay."
But the Amsterdam trip, we've discussed, could theoretically lead to Israel (although I explained to her that the Jews will take me there fore free... she didn't believe me), France, Mexico, Monte Carlo, and Machu Pichu.
Because I love the world. Basically.
27 March 2009 @ 09:06 pm
Is Pinnochio a socio-erotic story? I'm willing to investigate.

Pinnochio was built out of wood. Which is like the naivite of young boys discovering their sexual capabilities. Neither are quite sure of what their parts mean to themselves or the world. Perhaps Pinnochio understands his human-like structure to be human enough to disregard the fact that he's not actually flesh, blood and bone. Young men might attribute their recognizable genetalia to be reason enough to exhibit certain behaviors which will form into either lion-like, or jerkface penguin-like adult personalities.
Pinnochio's nose elongates when he tells lies. Something about a fairy and a cricket help him to learn right from wrong. And when he proves himself as a more honest puppet, he is granted human biology. When adolescant boys are confronted with things they want, they may stray from what they know to be the "right thing" to do. But once they've had some meaningful experiences under their belt, they gradually transform into the man who will live their life.
I doubt that the phallic symbolism on Pinnochio's face really matters that much, and if it did, I doubt I'd care. But the experiences, struggles, and maturation I've just referred to all pertain to gaining sexual understanding and discovering one's own adult identity.

But... fuck the Disney Pinnochio story. Cause Pinnochio's character in Shrek is so much cooler.
jammin' to:: "We're at war with robots." -- Rachel Maddow
24 March 2009 @ 09:52 pm
A watched pot never boils... But... ETA never gets down to a georgeously low number unless you sit there staring at it.
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23 March 2009 @ 01:58 pm
I just made the best sandwich in the entire world.

1 Plain Bagel
1 Pat of Butter
Strawberry Cream Cheese
3 Slices of Lean Turkey
4 Pitted Calamata Olives

Lightly butter the bagel and stick it in the broiler at 250 dF for about 5 minutes. Let cool.
Chop olives in one of those nut/egg crushers, or mush with a morter & pessel, or chop with a knife, to make paste.
Chop onion and tomato.
Slice the turkey up into little bits.
Apply cream cheese, then turkey, then tomatos on one side. On the other, more cream cheese, then olive paste, then onions. Connect & smoosh.
Serve with decaf tea.

Seriously, though... It was so kickass.
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22 March 2009 @ 10:53 pm
You want to know what's insane? Like, completely fucking crazy.
It's not me. And it's not my arrogance.
It's the fact that marijuana is illegal but the rondo shit on http://thisiswhyyourefat.com isn't.
That's what's fucking insane.
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06 March 2009 @ 05:07 pm
I'm broke. I should probably stop using sprays of $60/1.5 oz perfume as air freshener when I need to pretend I didn't just take bong hits out my window.

Innovative Concept: A cat jungle gym with a wooden back board, painted to look like a humorous scene, for you to put in the window when you're nervous about the cats jumping out, but know you'll need to maintain a level of comfortable temperature due to the fact that there's a bonanza taking place in your room and also must eliminate the smell of smoke in a timely manner.

Another Brilliant Idea: Stop drinking! You can't afford to lose any more important shit when you chill with Dio and buy him beer!

And Then: Yes. I am SO gay. G-A-Y. You, however, are ghey. G-H-E-Y. And there's no denying it.
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04 March 2009 @ 10:09 pm
I give to charity! You should, too!
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13 February 2009 @ 11:07 pm
So, the number of community art projects has been increasing with incredible speed... I don't know if there were a large number before PostSecret, but afterwards it seems that people have forgotten how to speak unless they believe no one will know it was them who submitted the most emotionally powerful entry on whatever website they entered their "secret" to. These projects claim to exist as a way to combat depression... but I don't really care about depression, and I don't really think that very many other people do either. I'm not ignorant, I just don't think that dwelling on ways to heal your depression will make a difference. Most people I know who have had depression and managed to rise above, at least for a little while, only did so for these main reasons:
They got a boyfriend or a girlfriend
They improved a pre-existing relationship
They got a job that they like and are proud of
They accomplished something which gains them recognition on the internet... or something
They got into a school
or, sometimes...
They got out of bed, took a shower, put on clothes they hadn't been sleeping in for 5 days straight, went outside, made eye contact with a stranger, and smiled at them

It's been passively-aggressively proven as a FACT that depression is the opposite of being productive. I've never been accused of being clinically depressed, but I have definetly been melencholy. During these times of failure, I go as far as I can with my sorrow, and then I figure out something to make. I used to make tee shirts, mostly, or take shitty photographs and then wait for comments after I posted heavily photoshopped versions of them online. Unsurprisingly enough, a lot of times when a girl is depressed, all they need to make them feel better is to dye their hair or go shopping. I am not generalizing. Girls need to make sure they don't get bored with their reflection. If we ever get bored with our reflection, we feel like we need to have an emotional response to the lack of enthusiasm we are experiencing, which can lead to self-hatred and the mutation of our souls into that of what is known as an "attention whore." This usually becomes less of a problem once we graduate from high school, but there are cases of this happening to adult women.
Dying your hair or going shopping is also being productive. Sometimes all it takes is to see a movie or read a book with which you can commit yourself to include in your personality. (You know what I mean with that phrasing.)
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13 February 2009 @ 11:06 pm
Whenever I'm listening to a song that mostly focuses on the beat, instead of melody, etc, I feel myself predicting what's going to come next. Usually if there's a hook, around 2 verses into the song, I'll be waiting for one of two possible beats to play. One will be some kind of more uplifting thing, and the other will end up reminding me of dark forests. I guess it's disappointing that there's so little left to do with percussion that every combination has already been stretched to the limit of my musically unintelligent understanding.
But then why are drummers always so sexy?
If a girl has more of a thing for guitarists, it's obvious why: they're not only showing off powerful fingerwork, they're also impressing their audience with the fact that their rapidly plucking twiddling fingers are creating something pleasing to the senses and memorable. There's a reason they never go to bed alone.
But I like drummers. And there's no logical reason for that.
I like bears because sometimes they're virgins, and I have a virgin fetish, for the reason that I've managed to stop pretedning I like dating assholes, and admitted I much prefer that whole cute thing. And I like it when they've got a decent beard, because too many times in the past, I've dismissed a boy for having an ugly face. Then, they get a beard, and I find myself suddenly naked. So I just make a beeline for boys with beards and bellies.
But why drummers.
(It's definetly NOT because there's less structure. That's DEFINETLY not the reason.)
jammin' to:: Subliminal messages, obvs.
13 February 2009 @ 11:04 pm
as in, "The fact that most reported cases of alleged stigmata are in regards to women exemplifies the belief that for some women in the Catholic church cannot, however hard they might try, shun sexual themes, even in the name of their Lord. Stigmata, being a physical happening, relates to the flesh of Christ, and a follower of Christ appear to have relation, or a physical appearance of Crucifixtion images. Countless women have left the strict confines of the Catholic church in order to seek spiritual enlightenment through activities more accepted in contemporary culture, after having a feeling of sexual closeness to Jesus Christ."

as in, "The most poetic experiment to be done in recent years regarding phosphorescence was to take a lit cigarette and a pair of wide-nosed tweezers, gripping the lit ashes with the end of the tweezers, and wait until the flame seemed to have gone out, then remove the tweezers from the cigarette. Afterwards, records show, there were still a few embers left burning where the tweezers had pressed, despite an adequate amount of pressure on the tweezers, which turned the ashes to dust on the floor, and turned the unlit tobacco shreds into dirt on the fingertips. The remaining embers were an example of phosphorescence, which is the scientific term for "a light that should have gone out when you tried to put it out, but for some reason it still stays lit."

as in, "When the colonialists were first realizing what profits could be made in the Americas, they enlisted the unpaid help of many men, women and children from countries in Africa. Because of the slave trade, and all of the work that the slaves did for the settlers, the new crops in the Americas made it one of the most wealthy areas of land in the world at that time. But even after the slaves were freed, the caucaisian citizens of the newly founded United States did not thank the Africans for their work, nor did the Africans recieve any monetary reward for the work they did. Now, in the 21st century, the general American public has adapted a shockingly contradictory opinion to that of their forefathers. Now that the U.S. is no longer one of the richest countries in the world, the descendants of the European settlers, among the descendants of many other men and women from many other locations in the world, put the blame, whenever they can, on an African-American. Or anyone who looks like they might be one. This is an example of Fox News's target audience adapting to fit into their current political scene, but still stay true to heart."

...That was in an email to my ex-boss, in regards to a contest on his website, www.lessonwriter.com, which electronically generates lessons for substitute teachers, and allows students to take tests online, AND allows teachers to grade the tests without ever getting off the couch.
I tried to make it family-friendly.
But it didn't work. I'm too invested in the strange but true meanings of the words stigmata, phosphorescence, and adaptation.
jammin' to:: Michael Moore
20 January 2009 @ 12:26 pm
13 minutes to January 20th, 2009:

- A strange taste in my mouth: After smoking Home Ganja for the first time in quite a while, then taking a hit from one of my mom’s Parliament Light 100s clippies, and, once I exhale, shutting my trap for a moment, I taste… Dried fruit. Strawberry, maybe, or Rasberry-Blueberry.
And I just got back from Sherri’s.
And then almost burning the house down.
And then trying to… Rescue? Steal? Kidnap? my mother’s “Leads” envelope.
Then finally getting to my room safely. (Thank God!)
“…Oh! God!”

- I don’t
I’m just
(“You Could Have Whateva You Like” and then “Just Dance.”)

- Feeling
More than just poop.
(And shampoo. And instincts.)
Is more than just poop.)

- Anticipating that it’s going to happen, but being impressed when
My brain settles in on The Bad Touch.

- Harmless jokes about a fat girl’s
Personal time.
(Hash browns and a turd, of course!)

-Obsessing over every presentation aspect of my iTunes, I then make the choice to leave my volume on a confusing setting that defeats the purpose of what I’ve been doing. VWP VIPs wouldn’t be able to figure out how to make the volume be normal, and they would therefore stop liking me.

- Understanding, miraculously, the difference between children and adults. The difference is experience in regards to the same problem that a child faces, and then the one that the adult experiences after years full of opportunities to discuss and examine the meaning and worth and significance of the problem they had faced when she used a computer for the first time.

- Suddenly, The Blow isn’t good enough to listen to when I’m fucked up? Ha ha!

- When I find myself unable to deal with finding myself looking at a document I have open, feeling like I was in the middle of something, but don’t see an easy way to find out what it was, and giving up and opening internet explorer because I know I’ll figure it out eventually.

- …And it turns out I was bumming around on Kimya Dawson’s face book, after I had already found out the fact I had gone to her profile for, and understanding that just because you’re using the internet, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to do some work to get where want to go.

- I got the illest foods in mah knapsack
Nothing you can give me can ever compare
Got ‘em when I found a buck in my wallet
I’ve got the illest foods
You can’t compare!
I got reese’s
And a Fruit Loops rice krispie!
I got nasty juice
I got one sip of chocolate milk
I got some orange rinds.
You can’t compare!
- Oh my god. Someone just stole the 5 Combos I had in my bag! Who the fuck would want my bag-bottom Combos?!
- Well, I got one of them, and some SweetTarts.
- Goddamn! This Combo makes me want to see my dentist!

- “Jumping out of a 2-story window is like slitting your wrists to show that you’re bleeding.”

- This Really Happened:
     Stoned, in the Big Bathroom, I see that the toilet paper is on the toilet paper holder. I immediately realize: It wasn’t there when I was pooping, but right after I got back to my room, my mom went into the bathroom and didn’t come out for a while. And I went to smoke for long enough that she could have gotten a call from Dr. B. And they’ll tell me in the morning, but I already knew.
     I knew he was done. And I consider what I should say or do, when my head starts to fall back involuntarily. I understand, then, that Boomer’s biggest contribution to the world was Boomer Repose.
     Following directions like a baby, I let my head continue to fall back, and I take a moment to reflect on the following things about the original performance i am reenacting:
- The pain in my neck.
- The fact that I thought about babies, motherhood, and the Virgin Mary for probably more than 10 minutes while I sat there with my neck draped over the back of the toilet seat cover, staring at the hanging plant in the bathroom window.
- The issues that come with pushing and pulling.
     “…I didn’t think I’d be able to tell it in a story, so I just showed you.”

- And feeling the ins and outs of consumption and digestion, and knowing what’s in me. And knowing what I’m made of.
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19 January 2009 @ 12:23 am
The last couple weeks have been a little tough. After going out every night while Ivey was in town, I got really depressed when everyone went back to school. I cried in the grocery store.
(Which is so profound.)

After being depressed for a few days, I pulled myself out of it by organizing.
I started with my clothes. Everything is folded. Hung up. Categorized. It felt great.
So I kept going. I decided that every song on my iPod needed to have correct track names. Then I thought it would be a good idea to give every track proper capitalization. Then I started contemplating album art. For everything.
I have 4,500 songs on my iPod.
It took 3 days.
Then I went through everything I own. I put about 400 CDs in the basement of my building, along with 5 or 6 boxes of stuff for the "Basement Children." They're my super's kids. They get excited at things like pictures of siberian tigers.
And then... I began to decorate.
I've lived in my own room for less time than most people spend in hotel rooms. Because I'm away for so much of the time, I end up coming home to a room that I don't feel very good about. After getting rid of several pieces of very old furniture, my back hurt a lot. That was when my parents asked talk with me.
The purpose of this particular discussion was to increase my awareness of the health of my dog.
So we were all on the same page, that he can't walk.
Unfortunately, neither can my parents.
My mom's problem (this week) is that she's got a permeated disc. My stepdad's knee isn't working.
I've taken on the position of Responsible Daughter.
While my parents are trying to stay in a relatively good mood given the circumstances, I was having the time of my life, due to the obsessive organization. Every piece of furniture I moved made me feel like I had never been happier.
I like change.
After I got everything just the way I like it, my back hurt worse than I had ever imagined it could. I had never felt anything so painful in my life. And it never stopped hurting. I don't understand why this had to happen, but at least there's lots of pain medication on the kitchen counter already.
Then, my dog had to go to the vet.
He's still there, and it might pretty much be over for Boomer. Which isn't change, it's just... Lack.

I have a really great life. Not because I'm rich or beautiful or particularly healthy, not because I have a great relationship with the boy I love, and not because I have oppurtunities that will get me places in my immediate future.
But sometimes I think I'm the happiest person in the world. And that's fucked up, because it only seems that way due to the fact that nobody else is happy at all.

Dear Obama,
Have a wonderful inauguration day.
Love, human beings.
jammin' to:: Breaking Bad E02, "Cat's In the Bag"
one - I HATE itunes.
two - I LOVE the song "Just Dance."
three - I LOVE my life. For this reason, mostly: On saturday night, I went out to the Cozy Cafe on 1st street. At some point, I stepped outside for a cigarette. I was standing outside and a bunch of people started cheering. I asked what was going on, and some guy told me that a belly dancer had just come out and started dancing. I got really excited, and when I went back inside it took a few minutes to get back to our table. I made my way all the way to the back, and she was dancing right in front of our table. I stood there for a minute, not sure if I should try to walk past her and risk messing up her act, and then finally I sidled past her. And then,
she smacked me in the face with her castinet.
A few minutes later, i got a hookah jammed in my ear.
It was awesome!
2009 rules.
jammin' to:: lady gaga - just dance
03 January 2009 @ 03:21 pm
I wonder sometimes if, when people meet me, they think I'm famous. Cause it seems like they think that.

Nice party in stuy town new year's eve, and nice nice eggs with Sam afterwards.
Ivey is an insane person.
(Not because of the nursing home or the cops or the way she'll always be the same person, for the rest of her entire life, but because when she moves, especially right when she gets to my house, to my kitchen, she'll walk in a way that makes me feel like there's no physical force to keep her from just gliding through science, except then it seems like there's cinder blocks tied to her fingertips... it's that kind of look where someone will be looking all the way to their left, but writing a text message with their right hand held all the way the their side, smoking a cigarette outside a rave relatively early in the night.)

I don't know what to think about the other night, but I'm VERY happy it happened. VERY HAPPY.
Conclusion: If anyone knows how I could get in direct contact with Kanye, that'd be nice, cause i wrote his next song yesterday:
To the damned and the hungry and the needy
I be feedin
What you got left to drop
I be feelin it
You damn finger’s ain’t never gonna need it
You drive right through
i drank the damn blood of the lamb
then first i be findin i be fiendin on it
drinkin every last drop til it's bleedin in it
don't you guys see i'm the meanin of it
1. Music makes you cry on acid.
2. Laughing out loud makes you cry on acid.
3. A baby bottom bargain.
4. Your baby poppin’ out again
5. This shit makes you cry on cid
6. Crazy music gives you lyrics
7. No shit.
8. Wondering where you can get high off it
9. Screaming
10. Hey! I wanna get high on shit!
11. Fumbling around for better beginnings
12. Beginnings are for starter pants.
13. Let’s show the world how we roll.
14. How bout you give them a piece of me first?
15. Trust me, baby
16. They don’t want none of this
17. Wishin
18. Where
19. We got something stuck on it
20. Wonderin
21. We got some in the sky
22. Good shit
23. Totem pole baby
24. Gotta get some
25. Nowhere’s shit
26. Ashin where she said she could get high on shit
27. That’s not the point of the song.
28. Keep it going, baby
29. We got all night long.

...Imagine it to the beat of that song that goes "you can have whateva you like..." and with a hidden track under it like that Rhianna song that has that line "have sex on chronic on it," the line in this song being "that fact that you're a crazy person."
And, like, you think it's singing like a lesbian, but then it's like, BALLIN.
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01 January 2009 @ 02:56 pm
crash bandicoot
a stellar conscience.

jammin' to:: fuck your yankee blue jeans - berzerker
01 January 2009 @ 06:40 am
I am a woman of my word.
Awesome results.
jammin' to:: crash test dummies - two knights and maidens
29 December 2008 @ 11:51 am
ON FRIDAY NIGHT i was under the impression i'd be all alone going to the kimya dawson show, because emily isaac had cancelled on me, and chris had never gotten back to me. then about an hour after the show was supposed to start, i went outside to smoke and call chris, and he was a block away from me cause his mom had driven him into the city!
the show was awesome, and i got to hang out a little bit with brian (piltin) and ish (marquez) and talk about all kinds of interesting things. pablo dios came on first, and i had never heard him play before, but that in addition to the next act (malcolm from connecticut) let me know that this show was perfect for that night. after kimya played "i like giants" with underthrust dancing behind her, she said that it was time to be sad, and called mj up to the stage and they sang 12/26. when mj was getting of the stage, i yelled, "east side middle romeo and juliet!!!" and she saw it was me. then a few minutes later, i looked to my left and there was ellie feasley (i mean, elie weasley...), whom i went up to and hugged and kissed and scream-whispered with for a few minutes. not long after, the show was over and i got to talk to ellie, and mj, and then me and chris headed home.
no one believes i can read their mind. maybe they'd believe it if i told them i could, but friday night, in my living room with the xmas lights, smoking joints with chris, he knew for sure. there was no doubt about the crazy shit that was happening in the room. and he still says he doesn't believe in god...
i slept for like 2 days after that, i think. i can't really remember.
then last night i couldn't sleep at all, and ivey called me at like 6 am to let me know she was in the city. AAAHH!!! so she drove uptown and picked me up. (my parents weren't even upset!) we sat parked illegally across the street from my house and smoked a joint and ended up in harlem
like, how could i NOT accidentaly end up in fucking harlem when ivey comes back to the city??
in her old ass car with the back window broken, and then her battery died, so i had to like go up to my house and get duct tape and then pay this guy 5$ to give her a jump... they were laughing at me cause i didn't understand the whole car repair concept, and i was like, "i don't drive!" she ended up heading over to see kieth in queens, and i came home and now i can't go to sleep or else i won't wake up in time to go to gristedes with my stepdad, go downtown for therapy, and go get indian food with my dad. but... i'm so tired.
thanks for the weekend, man.
jammin' to:: don mccloskey - my focken glockenspiel
26 December 2008 @ 12:08 am
merry christmas.
i wish i had a baby.
jammin' to:: harry & the potters - the missing arm of viktor krum
24 December 2008 @ 02:56 pm
Okay, so I'm pretty psyched for christmas.
I know a lot of people get really depressed around christmas, but it's definetly the opposite at my house... My parents had really special christmases when they were kids, and they live in fear (and I guess I do too) that someone will make a dick move and ruin christmas for everyone. And since I'm wildly irresponsible year-round, it's this time of year when it doesn't matter... Because Santa is coming.

The best christmas present I ever got:

The worst christmas present I ever got:
That ugly green bike, which was my mom's way of telling me I was fat, when I was like 10.
For hannukah one year, my cousin Roberta sent me a box with a bunch of stuff in it, including a vhs tape of "Janet Jackson: Live in Hawaii!" This gift remains a running joke between me and my dad to this day.

I hope some of you made contributions to charities, like Heifer International, which is a great way to give a gift and not be a dumbass considering the situation. And I also hope everyone remembers that christmas isn't the only time of year to help out!
jammin' to:: eels - christmas is going to the dogs
23 December 2008 @ 07:26 pm
I can't remember much from the past few days, but I just got off the phone with Ivey, and I might move in with her in a couple months.
That's pretty awesome.

I want this conversation to happen in my life:
Me (to a boy): So, do you have a girlfriend?
Boy: No, because women are from HELL!
...yes, it's a direct quote from the movie Slacker.

Which brings me to the point that Sam Disalle is wonderful.
And that I'm aware of things in my life, it's just that i don't care that much.
But I suppose it could be beautiful, crying on the subway because of a song someone wrote, someone who will be famous, as famous as anyone can be.
But... All of my friends will be famous sooner or later.

And also I wrote this the other day:

It’s not that I think it’s wrong
But I know that I’ll voice it before
Someone who is righteous would

It’s just that
I’ll get over it, you know?
Why would I choose death
Over settling for practicality
And loyalty
And morality

And a new face that doesn’t ring a bell

Why should I pretend
That my heart won’t go on
And that to break is to lose the game
Why would I pretend
When I have hope
For an alternative lifestyle
Which alters belief about me

To the point

I will shack up
And leave
"wrong and righteous"

And then there's this:
Older German woman with accent: So when she was little she used to take a bunch of sleeping pills and lay on the floor, and she wouldn't get up until someone kissed her! It was so cute!
jammin' to:: the mountain goats - dance music
17 December 2008 @ 06:56 pm
1. i got caught going through a subway turnstile with suzie on saturday night, and we both got a $100 fine, or a court date. i got along very well with the cop who wrote up our summons, even though i spilled beer on the floor while he was standing in front of me.
2. after staying out all night on saturday, (i stayed at this kid duston's dorm in stuy town... he recognized me from like four years ago!) my parents were waiting with a home drug test on sunday afternoon. during our conversation, i thought of all the reasons why i would be justified in slipping them poison... but then after the test came back 100% negative, i was just like, damn, i wish i could remember what i was so angry about so i could talk to jennifer about it... but as soon as they stopped being assholes, i stopped being angry.
3. my dog can't walk.
4. dave matthews is funny when heard in a serious context, but annoying when heard in a humorous context.
5. in the past 3 or 4 days, all of my abstract thoughts have been about arrested development.
6. i'm looking for a little non-jewish kid who i can take to see santa. nobody i knw has a little non-jewish kid. i'm kind of pissed off about that, but then, being jewish is trendy, so i guess all of the people i know are cool... er? than other people...?

okay okay.
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